Five Favorite Things!!

  • During a special that aired on ABC, MARVEL showed concept art from The Avengers: Age of Ultron. You can see more art here. They also talked about Ant-man which I am so ready for!!
  • This cameo of my favorite DC character ever on that show on the CW! It's a video on youtube so I'm hoping it hasn't been taken down. I still need to watch this season, I am so behind!!
  • Her Universe announced they will be having a Fashion Show during SDCC!! They are accepting submission for geek wear and they will pick two winners to help co-design a collection for Hot Topic!! Click on the link for more info and if you can design, you need to enter!! Sadly, you can't watch it without a badge. 
  •  NerdHQ is asking for help from the fans by giving money so they can keep doing their show during SDCC weeekend. Zachary Levi/Nerd Machine puts together this show is a free event for fans. They have panels but they charge a fee to attend them but anything that has a fee goes to charity: Operation Smile. Check out his video on the site! I donated and I will be hanging out at NerdHQ this year!
  • Disney announced a sequel to The Incredibles! I'm glad  for this but they also announced Cars 3. I'm actually over that series. I love Mater but I'm just done with it. I can't wait to see more Violet on the screen. 
Have a great weekend!!


  1. haha that cameo, Disney Pixar have been hard at work with sequels, hopefully they will be better than the first

    1. I'm very excited for the sequels. I wasn't a fan of Toy Story 2 but I love, love Toy Story 3!

  2. I am so stoked in the direction that they're going with Scarlet Witch..I have seen and heard some bad things otherwise so during the special when they showed the concept art I flipped out with excitement!

    also, OMG HARLEY! I havent seen that episode yet..I wanted her to be full on in the episode but thats okay haha

    1. I'll take anything Harley on TV even if it's like 3 seconds! I heard they had Tara Strong do the voice in the ep, if it's true I'm gonna cry! Haha... I need to catch up!

      I saw the concept art for Quicksilver and we were like so much better then The X-men film! I wonder who let that outfit get passed the planning stage but I will still watch it!!

  3. Heck yeah, Arrow! This season has been amazing and is it normal to think Slade Wilson is a little dreamy in it? AND OMG INCREDIBLES SEQUEL!!

  4. Holy Crazed Therapist, Batman!!!
    That cameo gave me goosebumps!!!!!
    And FINALLY the sequel! I swore Incredibles would have had a sequel before Cars!
    And I remember when Edgar Wright was talking about Ant-Man back when Marvel Studios had their first panel (pre-Iron Man 1). I'm excited its finally happening!


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