March Loot Crate!! Attack on TitanFall!!

My March loot crate arrived Friday and this month's theme was Attack on TitanFall which as you guessed, it was based on Attack on Titan manga/anime and Titanfall the video game.

These are all the items I got in the box! A lanyard which I guess is based on Titanfall, Attack on Titan manga #1, a digital code for a free copy of the strategy guide for the game, a sweat guard wrist based off Attack, and a magnet!

Here's a close up of the magnet and a badge they have started to send in the sets.

I don't watch the anime so I know nothing about Attack on Titan. Mistah J has watched it so he's going to be taking the manga. I may read it but I got so much other things to read! We don't own an XBOX One so we don't know much about the game but they did send me a cool shirt!

This months box was pretty good even though I am not a fan of either things but not because I don't like them, just haven't really paid attention to them.

If you sub to Loot Crate, did you like this months items?


  1. Aaaahh, so jealous of this LootCrate! Should've signed up for this one. Ah well, this was a great haul, thanks for showing it. :)

  2. I have Attack on Titan on my to watch list.It's supposedly really awesome! And I don't have and XBox One either...yet.

  3. I get Lootcrate, I'm the same as you, not a fan of either thing. I did read Attack on Titan and I did enjoy it, except I had nightmares about the Titans (they're a bit scary :D) I collect badges so the Titanfall badge went straight to the collection, I cut up the wrist band and glued it to my bag :) and when I wore the shirt out I got some comments from the local game shop boys, and they invited me to join their guild on ESO... so pretty good!
    I can't wait for Aprils... DRAGONS! I can only imagine the awesomeness that it will include! :D MUCH EXCITE!


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