Thrift Score!

A few weekends ago we went to San Jose to check out Star Wars: Where Science meets Imagination at The Tech Museum. After we left and had lunch I decided to search for a thrift store.

 I found that a Savers was in town and we don't have one in the city.

We didn't score on the vintage end. What little stuff they had was overpriced(for me) like a metal Tonka Allied Van Lines truck at $69.95. I had one when I was a tiny human and it would be cool to own it again but not at 70 bucks. I shall wait and be patient. I will find one at a nice price.

Anyways, I did get some cute sweaters and pants for the job which I won't bore you with.

We got some cool toys!!

I found this awesome RC Racer remote control!! It works and everything. Amazon has it retailing for about 70 bucks and I got him for 9.95!! I have a video up on my instagram of me driving him around on CalTrains.

We got more light sabers because we never seem to have enough. We got them at 2.99. One makes noises when hit and they both light up.

Mistah J found a Megatron that actually turns into a gun! From the bit of research he did, it was released in 2006 by Hasbro and it sells on Amazon Marketplace for quite a bit. He got it for 7.99! He was very excited!

He also got a Nerf gun but I couldn't photograph it. I have no clue where it went. We found nerf guns in abundance! I think it's because once the lose the darts, instead of buying more they just get rid of the guns. Fine with us!

I also found a nine Disneyland postcard set! There's no date on it but I think it's from the 90s. I'm gonna mail some out to penpals!

This Savers was pretty neat, really well organized, and most importantly clean!

What have you thrifted lately??


  1. I haven't thrifted anything in a while.
    But that Megatron is pretty boss!! and great score on RC!

    1. Thanks!! He's been wanting those Transformers Masterpiece ones but they are so expensive so this was a huge score. I love RC and I just randomly have him going up and down my hallway.

  2. I really enjoy the thriffing you do in your blog, for me its good to see the random things you can find. yay good too see Transformers representation, I find it weird how in the States U.S law requires toy guns to have orange tips on the front of the guns, but that Megatron doesnt even fire projectiles....

    There is a thriffing culture in my hometown Melbourne where its hard to find good toys, sellers are savy on eBay and there are people who purchase to resell online. Also alot of hip people doing the rounds each day...


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