Captain America movie outfit!

Captain America movie outfit!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is released tomorrow and EXCITED doesn't begin to cover it! I decided to put together an outfit that I would wear to the movies!

It's my friends birthday party so we are having dinner and then WATCHING IT AT 10PM!! She's making we wait that looooooong!!

Anyways! The awesome Captain America sweater can found at Target. I wonder if my local one has it!! The really cute bag is from ASOS and it's on SALE!! The eagle necklace can be bought over on etsy. The seller has it listed as a SHIELD inspired necklace which I thought was pretty clever! The essie polish I figured would be a way to rep Winter Soldier and Black Widow. It was tough finding items of them through polyvore but I would totally do my nails for the movie. I did it for The Avengers! The MARVEL slip ons are from Wet Seal and I own & love them!! The skinny jeans are from Forever 21!

I'm actually working on a Captain America theme hair bow and I remembered that I have an unfinished Nat x Bucky necklace! I should work on those so I can wear them Friday!

What about you guys? Are you excited for the film? Going opening weekend? Midnight showing? Are you planning on putting together an outfit to show your love? 

I can't wait to see this film!! So much Steve and Bucky feels!!!

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