Cardiff day 2! Doctor Who Experience!

Words cannot describe my joy. THEY.JUST.CAN'T.

So after our walk through of Cardiff Castle, we ran off to get lunch and then made our way over to the experience.

We went to the counter where we exchanged our tickets and I got my swag bag. I paid more then everyone else but I got a T-shirt, Doctor Who postcards, a "I rode the TARDIS" certificate, and a program book of the tour which was great because there was no video during that portion. We waited in line for about 10 mins and then they let our group in. Your tickets are timed!

First, you are taken through a story, where the Doctor helps your group out because you got sucked into an adventure. Photos and recordings were not allowed for the first part. Once you safely escape, you are taken into another room and OHMYGOD they had props from everywhere!! If they didn't have the originals, they displayed replicas. They had things from every single Doctor. They had outfits from everyone - Rose, Martha, Clara, Captain Jack... there were Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, there were production art and an entire section talking about the postage stamps they released!

Just anything you could think of, it was there. They even had Ten's TARDIS set up there. They did say a good chunk of it was rebuilt because when it was opened to the public for the first time, they allowed touching and playing. Things broke or went missing. This time it was cornered off but you could still see everything.

We were there for the entire allotted time and we had paid extra to get a tour of the actual TARDIS set. Yes!! The current TARDIS that they were using at the time. They walked us to their offices, telling us to not take pictures when we got inside but once we were on set, we were allowed to take as many was we wanted!

It was so amazing and I am so glad I got the chance.

After we were done, we made our way over to Roald Dahl Pass to find the secret location of The Torchwood Hub. We are also Torchwood nerds so we had to get photos at the entrance. It was pretty dark and trying to get photos with a brightly lit waterfall behind you was a challenge. We also went searching for the Ianto Shrine. Those photos are also behind the cut.

And then we went to a bar that I was told had a TARDIS door for an entrance. We ate, drank and then headed back to the hotel because the next morning we were off to London!

Cardiff was such a beautiful place and the next time we get a chance to go back, I want to add more days in visiting. Our main reason for going was the Doctor Who Experience but we were so blown away by this amazing town!

Thanks for reading and London post coming soon!

We really needed a tripod BUT WE FOUND THE ENTRANCE!!


  1. OMG! Sooooo much goodness, and Whovian LOVE!!! So jealous! But totally happy for you that you got to go there! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!

  2. JUST did this over Christmas break too and of course blogged about it like you! I pretty much almost started bawling upon walking onto the TARDIS! xo

  3. Oh my gosh you must have been so excited!! It looks so epic.


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