Cardiff Day 2!!

I finally have day two of Cardiff for you! Like always pictures will be behind a jump to save you loading time AND if you don't want to see photos from the Doctor Who Experience!

Jaime and I woke up early, got dressed, and headed out to breakfast at Bill's. We really loved that place. He had a plate that came with bubble and squeak. I had porridge with bananas and nuts.

Our friend met up with us for breakfast and then we headed off to Cardiff Castle. In my last post I mentioned that it had closed on us while we were in front taking pictures so we were back bright and early!


It was big, beautiful, and amazing! There was so much to look at and read about this place. You could climb up the towers, see the rooms, though some of them empty, go underground where there were bunkers for the war! And there were random animals running around. Ugh, so pretty!!

After that, we grabbed a quick afternoon tea and then headed off to the DOCTOR WHO EXPERIENCE!!

And I will end it here. I was going to share the photos from Doctor Who but it was going to be too much! I will have it written up as its own post.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of Cardiff Castle!!


  1. Everything is so green there. Looks like you guys are having much a lovely time.

  2. Wow! I love the castles! I can't wait to hear about the Doctor Who experience too!

    And, are those remotes in your hands in the fifth picture? Perhaps...a Sonic Screwdriver? ;)


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