Carol Corps Celebration

I'm a month late but better then never!! I didn't know how to break it down in terms of posting and seriously, the amount of photos we took is just daunting to look at but I will crack myself to get it done! Haha...

Mistah J and I got to attend ECCC in Seattle last month. We made it a 4 day weekend and flew up Wednesday night after work.

Thursday morning, we wondered around Seattle playing tourists. I went for the first time last year and this was his first visit. We saw the Space Needle, EMP museum, Pike Place, and I even took him to the first Starbucks.

Thursday night, ECCC had a Carol Corps Celebration at the Museum of Flight. For those that don't know, Carol Corps is the name of the Captain Marvel fans. The comic is currently being written by Kelly Sue Deconnick. I have never read anything Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel but Mistah J is a fan. After some time nagging me, I picked up the issues and fall in love!

Kelly Sue Deconnick is such a great writer and I just love how she write Carol Danvers. Also, I started following her on tumblr and twitter & she's just an amazing person all around! When I found out about the event, I got us tickets!

We were surrounded by amazing airplanes and like a guest said "All of tumblr is here!" There were drinks, finger foods, jewelry being sold by Optimystical Studios, make up by Espionage Cosmetics, and more!

We got to met some rad folks, have some amazing conversations, and check out some awesome exhibits. Everyone was so great and welcoming. I adore the Carol Corps!!!

Mistah J got a photo with the rad Kelly Sue Deconnick. She gave us both dog tags that say Higher, Further, Faster, More on them. She's just a delight to chat with and is so funny!

Captain Marvel and Spider woman!! I love the relationship of these two ladies in the comic. 

Her dress was amazing!! She also made dolls of Carol and Kamala (Ms. Marvel)!

On a random note, when I was a little girl I had always wanted to become a Blue Angel pilot. I would get excited when it was fleet week in SF and they would fly around the city. It didn't happen but I was happy I could see a plane up close and get a photo.

Here's the outfit I wore to the celebration! Captain Marvel's color are blue, red, and yellow so I went with a navy blue v neck and red cardigan. I hand made the bow (my favorite thing ever) and bought the necklace there. 

Over all, it was a great time and I am so glad we got to attend. All the money collected from sales and the admission price were donated to the Girls Leadership Institute. 

Do you guys read Captain Marvel? How about the new Ms. Marvel? Her first issue was great and even though Kamala is a teen, I identify with her in many ways. That fan fic line of hers had me cracking me up!


  1. Oh my goodness, so jealous you got to meet Kelly Sue! She's a role model of mine for girls in comics and as a red hair aficionado, lol.

    1. She is amazing and I love getting the chances to speak with her.

  2. You look so great! I love the outfit!

  3. I love your outfit. You looked adorable. So cool that you got to meet Kelly sue. Such a talented and lovely woman.

    1. Thank you so much!! She's so amazing and her panels are so great!!

  4. That looks like a great event :) I met Kelly Sue at Wondercon it was so nice to chat with her:)

    1. Oh yay!! I'm really glad my boyfriend got me reading Captain Marvel. I would of never known about Kelly Sue.

  5. Ms. Marvel was my first introduction into the world of Ms. Marvel and I am totally enjoying it. I love your outfit! That bow is just the cutest!


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