DIY: Photo dump!!

I love to create things!! It always of the geek variety because it's just not out there! Well, if I go to a Hot Topic I may find some awesome things but they don't usually last or in the case of necklaces and earring, metals that make me break out.

For the last month, I have been making accessories for myself as an outlet. Things with school have gotten crazy and getting to make fun things has been wonderful. I finally got around to photographing them!

I have been blind bagging the Lego Movie lego and I got a double of Larry the barista. Jaime works for a well know coffee company and I thought it would be fun for him to have the lego on him! So what did I do?

I added a pin back to him so he could wear him on his apron. I also glued the coffee cup on his hand so he won''t lose him. All the customers and his co workers got a big kick out of it.

I  made myself a My Little Pony ring. I had these bases to use as necklaces and I finally tried turning one into a ring. The picture was printed off the internet and I glued the flower on.

Here's the back of the ring! It just glued the base to the charm using E6000. It is really strong and smells bad. Please be in a well vented area! I haven't used it in a long time and forgot how bad of an headache I get.

Jaime is a great, big Captain Marvel fan and when I found out that there was going to be a Carol Corps Celebration at ECCC, I got us tickets. I wanted to make something to wear and I came up with this hair bow! This was my first try at ribbon bows and I loved the outcome. I made the starburst out of felt.

I bought this big, huge bow on etsy for something and I forgot what for. I had bought a pack of ring bases and decided it needed to be turned into a ring!

Here's a photo of the base. Again, I used E600 and so far it's holding!! I love it but I still wish I knew what I had originally bought it for.

I made a Bucky and Nat necklace and the Captain America hair bow to wear at the movies for opening weekend of Captain America The Winter Soldier. I'm remaking the necklace so no photo but I love this bow. My second attempt at making them and I love using ribbon. It did take me two tries for this one. The Captain America charm was actually for a cell phone. The artist, which I found on tumblr, was selling a set of the Avengers and Coulson. I found her on tumblr and bought them. That was a while ago and I don't remember her name. Since the iphone doesn't have a spot for charms, I've been using them in project.

I've been seeing cardigan clips everywhere. I think they are cute and finally decided to attempt making a set when the cameo bases showed up and a few of them didn't have the hole punched above to use as earrings. I used Hawkeye and Mockingbird from their comic run. You don't ever find anything with Mockingbird.

Here's the back. I used some extra purple and blue chains that someone gave me and I can't use. I used pin backs and so far my cardigans have been fine. I may try another set but with alligator clips.

I custom made myself a Jubilee lego! I have gotten back into lego hard core and my geek girl pen pal sent me an X-men set that included Wolverine, Deadpool, and Magento. I am a big Jubilee fan and I love her relationship with Wolvie so I needed to make a lego of her. I found the parts on ebay, bought them, and put her together. I love it!!

I drew the x symbol onto her shirt and using these clear legos for her fireworks. Ah she's so cute!! I'll share a picture of her and Wolverine once I put the set together.

Well, that's it for my DIY stuff. I hope you enjoyed it and it gives you some ideas to make stuff! If you've made anything, please share! I love seeing what others come up with!!

Keep creating!!


  1. I love the Lego brooches and Cardigan clips!! Cardigan clips are an amazing idea!!

  2. LOVE all of this stuff! I really like the barista lego tie-in! That' really fun!
    And I love all the sweater clips people have been making, since I love cardigans!

  3. I am loving all your DIY's. The barista brooch is my fave. :)

  4. Bitty Jubilee!!!!! Loving it.


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