ETSY love: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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I was looking through etsy and I decided to put together a blog post with some of the things I was loving! As if you haven't noticed, I am on a Captain America kick and I picked two items of each character in the film. There wasn't much for Falcon but I'm hoping with the film out and he being such a kick ass character that will change!

Let me know what you think of the items I picked!! What have you bought from Etsy lately??

And let me tell, the movie was amazing! I will keep it spoiler free but I think it was the best MCU film so far. They just keep getting better and better. They did a really great job with Steve and him trying to get himself use to this time, his relationship with Sam was really well done and Falcon has become even more of a favorite, Maria Hill was such a bad ass, and they hit me in all the right places with the Steve and Bucky friendship. I felt so sad for both of them!

I had a couple of issues with Black Widow's character but I understood why they did what they did with her background.

So yes, it was great!!! I can not wait for Age of Ultron and if you are planning to watch Captain America, stay to the very end!! There are two end credit teasers!!

Have a great weekend and Happy table top day!!


  1. I recently purchased a 25 cent sticker in the "mystery mix" machine at Kroger. I got a sticker that stated "The First Avenger" and had Captain America on it. That reminded me of this, haha.
    I really need to get myself more into comics and such!!
    I'll definitely look into this new movie. c:
    Great Etsy picks!!
    No, I haven't purchased from recently. But plan to!!


  2. Oooh! Those gloves are awesome!!!

  3. That nail polish is spot on. I love it. Maybe you could wear all of the items at once and sleep on the pillow. :)


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