Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Favorite Things!

  • The Simpsons have been released into Lego figures!! I have 11 out of the 16! Mistah J is so good at feeling the blind bags and figuring out who it is. 
  • This amazing Tina Belcher pillow by tumblr user Crentist. I need one of my own or one with Louise. I love Bob's Burgers so much and Louise is my spirit animal.
  • A really great fan art of Bucky, Steve, and Sam. I wanted to post it but it does spoil something from Captain America The Winter Soldier and I don't want to ruin it for folks who haven't seen it. The artist, mechinism has it for sale in print and greeting cards. It's a longer story art which you can see here
  • I backed a project on Kickstarter called Secret Identity: The music of Marvel and DC. They made their funding. The Andrew Allen Trio will be doing cover of songs from Marvel and DC. The CD will include The X-men 90s cartoon theme, Wonder Woman TV theme, and Teen Titans (Puffy AmiYumi) theme. I can't wait to get the music. 
  • Speaking of kickstarter, I found 21st Century Tank Girl! The truth? I have never read any of the comics but I did watch the film with Lori Petty. I am tempted to back this project and get my hands on the book. We will see.
What were some of your favorite things this week?


  1. The Simpsons legos are awesome!

  2. We only just got the lego movie blind bags in Australia. Gosh darn it. I want the Simpsons ones.

  3. NICE!
    I love the Bucky, Sam and Steve picture! Sam was such a wonderful surprise in the film to me! He was so well done, and I didn't feel like he was a token character, but the proper fit for the movie!

  4. LOVE the fan art. And I really loved CA: WS. In some ways I think it might be the best Marvel film yet.


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