Record Store Day 2014

Record Store Day happened on Saturday the 19th. Just like last year, I forgot completely. I woke up and lingered in bed till about noon. That's when I decided to check instagram and my feed was filled with RSD photos.

I bolted out of bed and power walked to Rasputin to see if they had any of the items I wanted left.

There was no Scott Pilgrim vs The World video game OST, The Ghosterbusters single, and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

After calling around all of SF during the week it seemed that only Amoeba SF got Scott Pilgrim and Far Cry but had less then 5 copies. =/

Anyways, here's what I scored on RSD!

I love colored records. I especially love the Hot Pink from Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers. Getting that Garbage single made my 15 year old self very happy! I own the original Muppets Movie on vinyl but I couldn't resist getting this one. The vinyl is much thicker and they re did the sound! The Velvet Underground is new for me. I have heard of them but never owned their music. I also love the purple splatter!!

Couple days ago I decided to stop by Amoeba just to see what they have left since they were one of the bigger stores involved in RSD and I picked up Childish Gambino Because the Internet. 

I finally heard a couple of his songs and liked them so I went for the album. It's 2LPs so it was a bit more then the rest that I picked up. I love Donald Glover in community and I couldn't resist the title of the album. 

I did manage to find a record store online who had a small amount of Far Cry albums left so I placed an order. Fingers crossed that it does not get cancelled. If it goes through then all I need to track down is Scott Pilgrim and Ghostbusters.

I will not pay scalper prices for the albums!!

What were your RSD scores? Did you get everything you wanted?


  1. Still a great haul! I don't have a record player anymore unfortunately but I about just bought one when I heard about the Blood Dragon vinyl. Turns out NONE of the stores near me got it. :/ Ah well, there's still so much more amazing stuff out there!

    1. I am on a MISSION for Far Cry!! I started playing the demo, I mean like really sit down and play it, I fell in love. I have a couple of orders pending for it so I'm hoping one of them ships it to me!!

  2. Garbage need to release a new album !! Shirley is so pretty and the band makes great music, bleed like me was really good

    1. I love that album but I think absolute garabge is my all time favorite. Cup of Coffee is my favorite song followed by MILK. I miss them, they do need to make a new album STAT!!

      Also, I got lucky and got to go to their last tour.

  3. I have never heard of record store day... And i could not play them anyway. Im intrigued by garbage with brody dalles. Shes the wife of josh homme from queens of the stone age. Very coarse sounding voice so dunno how id like her with garbage

    1. It started back in 2008 in the US to get folks back in to record stores (mom and pops) to support them by offering up limited edition stuff. Now it has become a day of people getting in line to buy albums and over pricing them on ebay... but I'm offf the point.

      I actually loved the song! I may make a video of it and post it on my blog.


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