Review: Nailed It by Espionage Cosmetics!

So last month I had made a blog post about the Nail Art from Espionage Cosmetics that I got when I backed their kickstarter project. I hadn't had a chance to try them on but while at ECCC, they created a nail wrap for the convention. It was glitter and green. It had masks from different Superheroes and ECCC logo.

They were selling them during the Carol Corps Celebration and I picked up two sets of the nail wraps and they happily put them on my nails for me!

Here are my nails! So glittery!! And I picked up a nifty Carol Corps Celebration patch. I'm not sure where I want to place it on yet. Anyways, they stuck on my nail nicely. The strips are pretty long and you just use a nail file to file away the excess. They also say, add a top coat and the wraps last longer... up to two weeks.

Here are my nails a week later. Not too shabby considering I do so much with my hands. 

Two weeks later. The middle nail on my left hand had a big chunk of the wrap come off.

And here we are at three weeks. Oh yea, they are finally destroyed. They lasted on me for almost three weeks and I'm always using my hands for everything. I was crating and using a lot of glue, washing dishes, I work in a file room and no manicure ever lasts when working with papers and whatever other things. 

The nail wraps are really well done and they don't kid when they say you can have them last for about 2 weeks. I love doing nail art/painting my nails but there are times where I just can't do a design or I am just plain lazy. 

And how do you get them off?

You just peel them off! There was a bit of residue left behind on my pinky nail but simple soap & water took care of it!

I highly recommended these nail wraps! If you want some geeky nails, you should go for it!! While I was at ECCC, they had released their new collection called VandalEyes. It's a googly eye theme created by Bonnie Burton and Anne Wheaton. I so forgot to get them so I'm hoping to run into them at another con!

I'm really glad I backed their kickstarter and I hope they release more themes! Maybe a Sailor Moon one! 

I hope this review helps you if you are deciding to purchase some. If you have, let me know which one(s) you got and what your thoughts are on them! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, those are gorgeous and last a really long time! Most of my nail art or polishes won't even last a full two weeks even with a top coat. I really wanna get some of the Mystery Science Theatre ones, but they've been sold out for awhile. :/

    1. I was so shocked they hung on for as long as they did. Working in a file room just destroys all my manicures. Pulling files and then filing them back! Gah! I have noticed that if you splurge on good top coat, it helps. I have the Wet n Wild 69 cent one and it doesn't work. It gets really goo-y.

  2. I would LOVE a Sailor Moon Set! I won the Cunning Hat set from KrystelleMT's blog! I'm saving them for Comic Con!!!

  3. Ok. I just went on the site and saw cat nails. I'm in heaven. I am terrible at nail art so these are just perfect.


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