(Random note: YAY!!! I made it to 200 blog posts!! I never thought I would and this tag is perfect for it!)

I love to travel! I'm a big adventurer! It doesn't matter how far away or close to home, if I have the chance I will get out there and travel.

When I came across this tag from the blogger Kerry over at Nerdy Habitat, I just had to do it!

  • 4 places you'd love to visit
  • Why you want to visit them
  • Favorite thing about that place
  • Tag 4 fellow bloggers, and add the badge to your blog if you'd like
1. Hong Kong

Why: I'm not really sure why. It could be how much fun my friends have when they visit, how good the shopping is, the cute things that can be found but it's on my top 5 places to visit. 
Favorite: Disneyland Hong Kong! Of course that would be the main reason for me to visit.  

2. New Zealand

Why: It's so green and beautiful. I want to be able to experience that once in my life.
Favorite: The beaches.  I want to also experience their sand and water. Corny I know but it's so true!

3. Philippines

Why: It's where Mistah J was born and I would love to visit his home country. 
Favorite: He tells me the food is amazing!! I need to eat it for myself. ;)

4. Mexico

Why: It's where my family is from. I was the 2nd person in my family to be born in the US. I have gone to Mexico to visit my Grandparents but I have never gotten to see the rest of the country. 
Favorite: I want to climb a Mayan Ruin. 

So there you have it! Mistah J and I have plans to visit Japan next year and the Philippines in 2017. We decided that every other year will be an international trip and the other would be domestic. We are going to Disney World this year!! I am so excited.


Steph from Nerd Joy
Selena from Reaper Fox

Thanks for reading and thanks to Kerry for this fun tag!!

(Photo credit to their rightful owners!)


  1. Woo, the big 2-0-0! :D Congrats. And thank you for the tag, I'm gonna be working on it tonight.

    1. Thank you!! Can't wait to read your answers!

  2. Hong Kong is also way up there on my list of places to visit. And congrats on hitting 200 blog posts!!!

    1. I have friend who goes to Hong Kong a lot and always fails to tell me the last minute. Oh well! I will get there one day!

      And Thank you!

  3. I agree with hong kong and new zealand. I have already been before but need to go back. In particular the south island of new zealand! Its beautiful. Go to Milford sound if you go there!

    1. Thank you for the rec! I will add it to my notebook!

  4. Congrats on 200 wonderful posts! New Zealand looks so beautiful. I would love to see it some day. :)

  5. Woot! I will get on this!
    Thanks for the nomination Usagi!

    1. You are welcome! I can't wait to read your choices!


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