Emerald City Comic Con 2014!!

I’m finally getting around to posting about my time at ECCC! This has been my second visit to this convention and it has been a blast so far. SDCC was getting to costly for me and I decided in 2012 that I would pass in 2013 and try a new spot. My friend and I said, “Let’s visit Seattle/ECCC!!”

We flew up on Wednesday after work, played tourist on Thursday and attended the Carol CorpsCelebration that night. Friday morning, we walked over to the con and got in line to be let inside the hall. ECCC mailed out badges about a month prior which was a good thing. The line last year to collect badges was a giant mess.

Okay, so they let us in and I ran over to get Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarksy’s autographs on my Sex Criminal comic and I picked up the hardcover (vol. 1) which Matt Fraction flicked white out all over the inside cover. Haha… I also got Chip Zdarksy to do a sketch of me. They were hilarious to chat with and so much fun. Kelly Sue Deconnick wasn’t at her table so we decided to walk away and check out the rest dealer’s room.

Here they are signing my books/sketching!

There were so many great artists and I wanted to buy everything but it was only the first hour and I needed to watch my money. I cosplayed as Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) from the cover of issue 9. Hawkeye is currently my favorite series and I adore Kate Bishop. I didn’t get noticed because I did look like I was in normal clothing but when I did get asked for a photo, it was other Hawkeye fans and we would get excited. It was great!!

Christmas Barton and Natasha!! I look terrible but I just love these photos!

There weren’t any panels I wanted to see that day so we spent our time getting autographs and Mistah J took pictures of all the awesome costumes we came across. The one thing I love about ECCC is that it’s so much easier to interactive with the artist and writers.

On Saturday, I went as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. I didn’t last very long in it because of the wig. It’s true what they say, you get what you paid for. I need to invest in a better wig. Since I had gotten all the signatures I wanted yesterday, we weren’t in any major rush and just wondered around. We checked out the amazing Lego/ Brick Nation exhibit that was on the second floor. So many rad things created out of Legos!! Mistah J got more photos of cosplayers and we attended the Sex Criminal panel. It was the funniest one hour of our life.

While waiting in line for the Sex Criminal panel, Deadpool asked me to hold his grenade. 

Afterwards, I remembered I wanted to pick up the ECCC cover of Adventure Time so we made our way back to the hall to their booth. They still had some in stock and I got to pick up the coolest tote bag from Kate Leth and then I preceded to get folks like G. Willow Wilson, Amanda Conner, Gail Simone, Kelly Sue Deconnick to sign. Of course, I didn’t go back to get Kate Leth to sign it but is ok. I will catch her next time.

Amanda Conner signing my tote!

Our Saturday was really chill but I like chill cons. I don’t have to always be GO GO GO. We met up with our friend who was also visiting Seattle and we watched the ECCC Costume Party. My mind was just blown away by the costumes that were created and presented.

Sunday was really lazy. We only had the Join the Corps panel in the morning. It was with Kelly Sue Deconnick and G. Willow Wilson. Freebies were given to us, someone made cookies, and we chatted about life, Carol, Kamala, and what other comics we should check out! Carol Corps is such a great group of fans!

After the panel was over, we left for a bit to see more of Seattle but went back to the con to try some gaming. They had an entire floor dedicated to table top gaming! I wanted to try and play the My Little Pony trading card game and they had demos all weekend. I got Mistah J to play with me for a round and they gave us a foil card. I think I got it but L mentioned she wants to learn how to play so I’m gonna get us some starter decks soon. A lot of the game stores/companies that had tables there were demoing games. We also got to try Rampage the board game and it was such fun!! Just like the video game, you knock down the buildings and eat them & the people. ECCC even had a spot were you could check games. We ended up playing Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. It was an interesting but really fun game. After that it was time to head back to the hotel, get our stuff, and make our way to the airport.

ECCC was such a blast and I will for sure go again next year. Please enjoy the slide show of some of the photos we took at the con. If I have a photo of you and you want it taken down or want me to link/credit please e-mail me!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!!


  1. Eeeeee! So jealous. I used to live in Vancouver & ECC was the closest "big" con to us. I only went once, but it was amazing. I love that its a little more laid back and you really get time to talk to the artists, although I'm sure its much bigger now. Also incredibly jealous of your Chip Zdarsky sketch.

  2. Wow, that sounds so fun! Seattle is a 10 hour drive for me, so it's possible. I want to go to a con with gaming like that.

  3. Those are some awesome cosplays!

  4. OMG!!! What a magical time you had. I LOVE your Kate Bishop cosplay. You look fantastic. And i can't believe you met Conner and Fraction!!! Soo lucky.


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