Friday, May 9, 2014

Five Favorite Things!

  • The trailer for GOTHAM got released this week and it looks really good. I am excited to see the "origins" of Ivy and Catwoman! Please be good!
  • MONDO is releasing the Jurassic Park soundtrack on vinyl! It's one of my favorite soundtracks from a film and I will get online to get it!! They are releasing colored vinyls which are limited and of course the basic black. 
  • Found a post on tumblr showing a Build a Bear ad for a Toothless from How to Train your Dragon plush! I love that movie and Toothless. I'm getting one!
  • ABC not only renewed Agents of SHIELD but they are also giving Agent (Peggy) Carter her own series!! It will air this fall and I am so excited. I love Agent Carter and can't wait to see where this goes.  
  • RAT QUEENS!! I just discovered this comic and it's so much fun! It's about 4 friends and their crazy adventures. It's the best way I can describe it without giving away the plot. The first trade it out and you need to get it. Trust me, you need to read it! Friendship, brawls, sarcasm, adventures, it needs to be read. 
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Yeah, as much as I want to be skeptical about Gotham, that trailer does look hella-good. And I share your enthusiasm for Agent Carter. More kick-ass ladies on TV!

  2. Rat Queens is one of my absolute favourite comics. Kick ass chicks fighting evil... yes please.

  3. John Williams is AMAZING! No ifs, ands, or buts about it! I need to find the Jurassic Park vinyl too!


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