Friday, May 2, 2014

Gadabout Gamers - My Biggest Gaming Regret

Normally on Fridays I post my “Five Favorite Things” of the week but I really wanted to get Gamerwife monthly Gadabout Gamers prompt up which was for the month of April and it is now May.

I can’t believe it’s May already and hey! Spider-man 2 is out!!! Are you going to watch it?

I’m getting sidetracked… April’s theme is my biggest gaming regret. I do have bit of gaming regrets and I had a hard time picking one. 

Do I go with not keeping all the original packaging from my NES games? Granted I was like six when the system made an appearance and what six year old is thinking “KEEP ALL THE BOXES?” A box and instructions for Final Fantasy three goes for a lot on ebay. That’s without the game. 

How about that I sold my Atari 2600 and games to my ex-boyfriend? I should have kept that system even if I didn’t have the proper cables for the last 7 years it was in my hands. I was like “eh, I don’t play it enough” but there are days where I catch myself wanting to play it and then I have to remind myself, nope, I don’t own it. Speaking of Atari, do you know about the urban legend of all the E.T games being buried in New Mexico? It was the biggest flop of all time, starting the crash of the video game industry and destroying Atari at the time. Welp not an urban legend anymore, folks dug it up and found them and a whole lot of other games! I want a copy!

I could talk about the fact that I hate playing first person shooter games. Because of that, I haven’t played some really great games and I regret that I am missing out on some amazing game play. I’m currently trying to play Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which by the way, AMAZING MUSIC and so much 80s love!! I’m so good at sneaking up on the bad guys and catching them off guard but as soon as I am spotted and all 35 million bad guys come after me, I get all tangled up in button L3, button L4, & X plus O that I die and toss my controller. I am 2 hours into game play on THE DEMO!! But I will mush through. 

So yea, I wanted to go with one of those three but something else was nagging me and I had a hard time trying to get it out of my head until a friend asked me “Why don’t you like online game playing?”


So my biggest gaming regret is not joining and playing online gaming.

Resident Evil Outbreak has been released and it was the first game where you could play online with friends on the PS2! OMG online playing!!! I didn’t have gamer friends so I figured I could join a group, get to know players, and make some gaming friends. I would always end up being bait. I’d get locked in rooms and had to escape by myself and not get bitten. I would just get ditched and left behind. I had no idea where anyone was. I would join a game and then people would leave. It could of been my internet connection. I finally quit playing all together. Because this bad experience, I never played online unless I knew the person I was joining. I never just jumped into a game or picked “find me a group.”

Granted Outbreak wasn’t the best of online game play and it wasn’t the best of the Resident Evil franchise but you could get online using a broadband connection and this bulky adapter. I tried and I wasn’t impressed. There were only 5 story lines, and you only had two different play options - story or free mode. It just wasn't the best. I heard that they rushed the game, cancelled it a few times, changed the name, and at one point stopped offering online support. 

But yes, not joining the online gaming community is one of my biggest regret but at this point, it’s not something I’m gonna try and change. I’ll just sit at home and play co-op with Mistah J.

But if you are thinking of trying online gaming, do it. Don’t let a bunch of non-friendly folks ruin the experience for you. Don't end up like me, missing out on fun online gaming.

So there you have it, my gaming regret but deep down, I regret not having my Atari 2600 or own E.T. game.

Have a good weekend. 


  1. The Atari thing was such gold!!
    And I raised my hand at the 6 years wanting to keep the box (but my dad's a nerd, so he always told us to take care of packaging LOL).
    Great write up!


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