Hellhound Fashion!!

Hey guys!! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good considering I had 3 quizzes and 1 test to take!

But I am not here to talk about my education! I want to show off the amazing items I won from Hellhound Fashion!! I discovered the amazing blog/store one day while exploring Bloglovin but I lost the name of the blog! (I was searching at work and had to close out all my windows. Shhh.....)

I was reading my feed when I came across Nerd-Burger's giveaway and it was a collab with Hellhound Fashion! I recognized the postcards!! Of course I entered!! I never win at giveaways so I hardly ever enter them but I needed to try for this one! I love her postcards!! 

One of the entries was to leave a comment saying which Nerd Icon would I like to see Luka Riot  draw next and I picked either Harley Quinn or Freddy Krueger. 

I woke up to an e-mail when the giveaway closed saying I won!!

*insert shocked face here*

I also won the first prize which included an awesome pouch!! Here are pictures to show you the awesome stuff!

The POW! bag is so cool!!! The inside is lined with black fabric and white poka dots. It's so sturdy!! I threw a bunch of things in it already and it's beating around in my purse.  She included a Batman patch which I will have to add to my vest but I am considering adding it to my jeans somewhere, somehow. The postcards are my favorite and I even got stickers! The colors on the postcards are so vibrant!! I think the Spider-man one is my all time favorite!! These are going into my postcard scrapbook but I will for sure be picking up another set to send to my penpals! 

Thank you so much to Luka and Cazz for this giveaway!! I am so glad to win some amazing things!!

I am also in love with this awesome POW Hoodie and the Star Wars Clutch! It's time to save some money!!

Thanks again!!


  1. Was just watching old Power Rangers episodes and totally forgot Tommy's theme song was literally "GOOOO GREEEEN RANGGGEERRR" on top of early 90s metal guitar, lmao. And, yup, another store I add to the "must buy" list! :D

  2. Yay!!! Those postcards are awesome!

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I have wanted to re watch Power Rangers ever since Isw her art!

  4. I LOVE Luka Riot's work! Her bag's are too cool and I know she has these insanely boss jackets in the works! Hellhound Fashion is so awesome!

  5. So glad you love everything! :)
    I'll be getting started on Freddy soon. He's my all time favourite horror movie icon!


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