My blog as a mix tape!

Joie Fatale over at Confessions of a Book Pimp created an awesome tag up called My Blog as a Mix Tape!

As a fan of music and the beautiful mix tape, I just had to do this! It was hard to keep the number of songs to ten and trying to figure out if those ten described my blog/myself. 

But I forged through and here is my list!!

Side A:

1. Take on me - A-ha: I was a baby/child of the 80s and to this day, I still jam out to them. Take on me is my favorite song ever and the line But I'll be stumbling away //Slowly learning that life is OK is pretty much me. I'm not perfect and I will stumble but it shall be fine. My blog will have those stories. 

2. Moon Revenge - Peach Hips: Moon Revenge is the ending theme song to the film Sailor Moon R and it's my favorite Sailor Moon song ever. I had to put in a Sailor Moon song. My nickname is Usagi and I adore Sailor Moon.

3. Video Games - Lana Del Rey: She has become one of my favorite singers (I can't wait for her version of Once Upon a Dream to be released!) and the lines And you say, "Get over here
And play a video game." is some what something Mistah J and I do, tell the other 'let's play!' but I read in an interview that the meaning of the song is actually sadder then how I like to look at it. 

4. Looking Glass - Hypnogaja: A song about Alice and Wonderland! Alice in Wonderland is my favorite story ever and part of why I named my blog "in Wonderland" because I would love to live there. I first heard this song on Warehouse 13 during a themed ep where they are dealing with the Looking Glass. 

5.  Trouble is a friend of mine - Lenka: I discovered this song on a fanmix and I sometimes feel that trouble will find me! Sometimes it's good trouble but yes, it can be bad trouble.

Side B:

6. Fotos y Recuerdos - Selena: It translate to Pictures and Memories. Selena was one of my favorite Spanish singers. She's signing about how she has one picture and it brings her joy even though the person is gone. I'm all about memories and taking photos it drives some people nuts.

7. Across the Universe - The Beatles: Nothing is going to change my world...

8. California Soul - Marlena Shaw: California is my State! I was born here and a lot of things I do are in this beautiful place. My heart will always belong to SF though!

9. Everything is Awesome - The Lonely Island, Tegan & Sara: Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team!! It's so catchy and fun!! And yes, everything is awesome with friends!!

10. The Touch - Stan Bush: Oh yea, it was added! Some people are Autobots, some are Decepticons but I'm forever a Dinobot!

Aw... man this was so much fun! I hope you guys enjoyed my list and I made it as a playlist on Spotify! The only change is that The Beatles are not on Spotify so I used Fiona Apple's version. 

Thanks for reading and thanks to Joie for having this awesome tag! 


  1. I had to recreate your playlist in Grooveshark since Spotify still isn't available in Canada, but I'm liking it! So upbeat!

  2. I love this list! It's all over, but totally cohesive! And props for including Selena ("Anything for Selenas!")

    And I feel like Take On Me is like Don't Stop Believeing: play it in a public place: EVERYONE will likely sing it! It's so good! Great list!!!


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