Sailor Moon is BACK!!

Well, the original series is!! In case you haven't read it on your social media feeds or you know, seen me scream about it, VIZ announced that they have gotten the license to the original series. ALL 200 episodes, 3 movies, and the specials/shorts. They will be unedited, all original names, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Neptune will not be cousins, and a whole new dubb and my favorite part:


Granted, I have see Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Back in the days fan subbers would release their work on VHS. VKLL was the go to person for Sailor Moon fan subs and I got all of my tapes from him. I would have to wait days/weeks to get my VHS. Also, they were the original Japanese release so it was cool to see the actual episode and not the cut that was aired on UPN.

When the companies started to release the series on DVD, I bought them all. The beautiful uncut box sets of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R, the individual released DVDs for Sailor Moon S and Super S but I don't have Sailor Moon Sailor Stars because it was never released on DVD or even dubbed for TV.

Viz announced that they will be releasing all of it on DVD, Blu Ray, and Digital in the Fall!! I'm hoping they do an entire box set of everything. I would love to own it all on Blu Ray but I still plan on keeping my original DVDs.

Also, Viz will be releasing two episodes every Monday (or Moon-day) on their streaming service and on HULU+ starting this Monday!! OMG YAY!!! Uncut and Subbed. The only issue with Hulu + is that it hates my Iphone 4s. I can never get a clear video for two long! I want to watch it during my lunch!!

For all of you that love to watch dubbed Anime, they will be re dubbing it with a new voice cast. Soo cool!

Viz also said they will be hosting a panel and other stuff on July 5 during Anime Expo. Aw man! I may have to figure out a trip to LA for this!! Anyone else going to Anime Expo?

So yes, I am so excited for this news!! I am exited for the new series starting up this summer but I am way too happy for this announcement. I adore Sailor Moon and I am glad it's coming back for old fans and for new fans. I got L into Sailor Moon when she was 3 and even though all I had was Japanese/subbed in English she would still watch them even though she couldn't read. I'm glad I can now hand her dubbed ones!

DiC did put them out on DVD but they didn't do so well and were just hard to find.

So are you excited for this new announcement? Are you going to be watching every Monday? Have you seen Sailor Stars already? Gah!! I AM EXCITED!!

Okay, I'm gonna geek out elsewhere so I don't annoy you guys. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Ah, man, that's just two days from now! I feel like I shouldn't be excited about this, but it somehow makes me happier to hear this than it did to know new episodes were coming out. I'm so curious about the new dub cast!

  2. Oh HELL YEAH!
    Like you I own the series already and I too will NOT be getting rid of my current collection, but look forward to a boxed set to own!!!

    I can't wait (I'm more a a dub person, but, I don't hate subs).
    I might have to ask my friend to get me to Anime Expo!!!

  3. I can not wait to watch it all over again. Soo many fond memories.


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