Monday, May 19, 2014

Snail Mail!!

I've been having a craptastic week last week which has moved into this week. Finals start tomorrow for me but last week my teachers decide to throw everything they could at me to complete and still have to find some time to study. In all reality, I normally wait to the last minute but still. I also managed to give myself mild food poisoning and if that was considered mild, I ever want full on! San Francisco decided to have a heat wave as well and with no AC in my apartment, I got no sleep.

Yea, terrible week but you guys are awesome and I got some great stuff in the mail all week that cheered me up!!

Stephanie sent me these awesome rainbow loom bracelet. She made me 2 Captain America theme bracelets and a Hawkeye one! She couldn't find a bow/arrow charm so I'm on the look out for one. Check out her etsy shop!! She has other geek theme bracelets made from these colorful rubber bands! Oh and that Hawkeye drawing rocks!!

Sophia sent me a letter, a cute Animal Crossing to do list (where did you get this? I think I need some more!), and Cards Against Humanity PAXPrime cards!! We love playing CAH and I've been trying to complete my PAXPrime collection of cards they released last year. Thank you so much for them!! 

Mariko sent me a rad package filled with goodies from PAX East! ( I will make it to a PAX!) She used the adorable handkerchief as wrapping! That is such a cool idea!! I got a cute phone charm, badges, magnet, and she even included really pretty paper shapes for my scrapbook!! 

Thank you guys for the awesome goodies!! You guys are the greatest!! 

 Now back to studying... 


  1. I envy your CAH cards! My husband has most of the expansions you can buy on their site, but the Con ones always look so much better!

  2. Animal Crossing to do list? I need!! How cool! And that Hawkeye bracelet? Awesome!!

  3. ACNL to do list is now on my "to get" list!

  4. I tweeted you and Joie the link to the to-do list! :)


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