Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blog Hiatus!

Hey there! If the title of this blog post didn’t give it away, I’m going to be taking a blog hiatus. I was trying to work on (schedule) blog posts for the 2 weeks I’ll be on vacation but turn of events stopped me from prepping them.

I own a touch screen laptop. It’s a beautiful laptop but I haven’t had it for a year and it’s been acting up! I’ll be doing something and my screen starts spazzing out. It’s like someone is touching the screen at rapid fire speeds. Also, I think whatever came with the Windows 8.1 update; the driver doesn’t like the program so it just stops working.

I paid for insurance so I’m dropping this puppy off to Best Buy. I did take it earlier but they wanted to hang on to it for a week and I was still in the middle of the semester. I couldn’t let it go for a week because I had online classes! Speaking of school, the grades were post and I got an A in my Liberal Studies core class and an A- in Bio! Yay me!!

The other reason for the hiatus is I hit a road block for blog topics. For a girl who talks a lot about geek culture, I just couldn’t figure out what to post. I know it happens and it has happened to many blogger friends. I had an idea to do a weekly or monthly post about things I collect like Vinylmations, my Harley Quinn collection etc but I just couldn't get it off the ground.  I guess it works out with my vacation coming up and my poor laptop having spazz freak outs!

How do you deal with writer’s block? If you've stepped away from your blog, did you end up feeling better? Feel free to vent, give me your thoughts, whatever in the comments!

Anyways, I’m off to finish packing! If you want to see my grand adventures at WDW, follow me on Instagram!!



  1. Yay congrats on getting A's! And whenever I hit a road block for blog topics I just get off the computer and just write my thoughts down... eventually a blog idea will pop up from that. So excited to see your pics of WDW!! I actually just wrote a post about rides at Disney World, you should check it out and let me know (after your vacation, obviously) if you got a chance to ride any of them! So excited for you! Have lots of fun!


  2. I've found getting out and being around nature (even if it is just the trees lining my block) really helps with my writer's block. It seems so silly, but it totally works.

    Enjoy your break! Sounds like you deserve one.

  3. Sometimes we all need a bit of a break to think up of new ideas or just to recharge our batteries. Have a great vacation and hopefully your laptop will get fixed!

  4. I find getting out into the real world with friends gives me so much inspiration. Congrats on the A.

  5. Rather bummed to hear about your laptop acting up like that. Haven't you taken that to a repair shop? They should probably have a few sound suggestions of why it is doing so, and how you can get around with it. Good luck!

    Gene Sullivan @ eTech

  6. I stepped away last week. Read some comics and feel much better for it.
    Hiatuses/vacations are necessary. And as the other's have mentioned, it provides more inspiration as well.


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