Currently Obsessed! TV shows!

I'm done for the semester which means I can catch up on TV but it also means that it's hiatus time for most of them.

So what am I obsessed with?

I watched the first season on Hulu and I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting much but I liked it. When they brought in Felicity Smoak and I was gone. I just adore John Diggle and Felicity. They make Oliver the Green Arrow. He needs them. I missed out on all of season 2, I blame on being tired and my DVR being able to hold a ton of shows, but I finally sat down an watched all 23 eps of it! (It's what cause my blog hiatus for the week!) I did have some issues with it (Lance family drama and way too many characters introduced!) but I  love it! I just adore Felicity and Oliver's friendship & John is the dad!! I know people on the internet are about Olicity but Thea and Roy are my endgame!! THE WRITERS NEED TO LET THEM BE HAPPY AND TOGETHER PLEASE!!

I've been told many a good things about this series but I do not have BBC America. I have student Amazon prime and it's free for the first six months then you pay about 40 for the next six months and that includes streaming. Season 1 is on the list so we watched it. SO GOOD. After each ep, we kept pushing play to the point where we realized what time it was. We had work the next morning! We watched all 10 in about 3 days and we are waiting for season two to appear. It's still airing. The writing is great, the characters are being introduced very well. The actress who plays Sarah, Allison, Cosima, Helena, and the rest of the clones is just amazing!

I watched Orange is the New Black when it premiered and I saw it in 2 days. The writing is great, the ladies are amazing, and with all of that mixed in, it makes me want to know more about these characters and why they are in prison. I know it's based off a book which I haven't read but I'm wondering if it's just like the series or the writers just went with the idea. I started to re watch it because the new season drops on netflix this Friday. It's just as a good as the first time around. 


It's Sailor Moon!!! What can I say, I'm just obsessed with this anime. My proplica Moon Stick arrived yesterday and I freaked out, it's so beautiful!! 

Do you watch any of these shows? What are your thoughts?

So what tv shows are you currently obsessed with? I need more recs because I plan to spend this summer just watching tons and tons of TV.

I need to watch the second season of Newsroom but that may happen after I start/finish Orange is the New Black. I didn't think I would like Newsroom but I do! It's so good!


  1. I have not seen Arrow or Orphan Black but the poster of Orphan Black looks so creepy that it kind of makes me want to see it! lol I have definitely seen Orange is the new black, my husband and I really liked it and are excited for season 2 to premiere! Ah, Sailor Moon... I love it!

    I'm currently obsessed with Scandal, season 3 just came out on Netflix and it is sooo good. It literally has so much scandal, lol. My husband and I just finished watching The Adventures of Merlin on netflix and Merlin was amazing! I recommend it if you like magic/knights/castles and all that good stuff. And before that we were watching Dexter and I was watching Revenge, both soooo good! So many good shows!!!!!! :)


  2. I'm currently obsessed with True Blood! SO GOOD!

  3. I also really enjoyed Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black. Slowly working our way through season 2 and lol-ing at the Canadianess of it. Been tempted by Arrow, but we already have too many show on the go. Cannot wait for season 2 of Hemlock Grove to drop next month. So. Good.

  4. I just started TrueBlood on Amazon and it's pretty interesting so far. I do plan on starting Orange is the New Black, and Attack on Titan!
    The Tenor and I just finished Princess Jellyfish though on Netflix. It's an anime, and its WONDERFUL!!!! I LOVE it so much!
    It's got the zany humor of Ouran, but is grounded a bit more in some reality LOL!

  5. I am making my way through OITNB season 2, just started watching Fargo and now that I have a Crunchyroll account, I'm sure I'll be binge-watching some anime soon!


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