Ebay Shopping Wish List!

Ebay Shopping!

Ebay Shopping! by usagimylene 

I had seen the Captain America SHIELD backpack at Hot Topic but I never got around to getting it. It of course sold out. I searched ebay for it and found one! The same seller had the Sailor Moon jumper for sale so I bought both of them. They arrived last week. The backpack is holding up really well so I shall be bringing it with me to WDW. The Sailor Moon jumper is pretty comfy, fits me just right (I'm a M & it was listed as one size) and cute. It's so not warm enough though! At least for me but I'm called a gecko!

I've been looking for a long chiffon skirt for a while and I'm guessing it's not in season but there were so many on ebay! I went with black though I am tempted to get a purple one. It was 8 bucks with free shipping. Once it arrives, I will see if it will be worth getting another one. It's coming from China. Sometimes I'm too tall to wear most of the dresses and skirts.

I have been wanting those Minnie and Mickey flats since I found them on my IG feed. I bought a pair and hoping they fit. I got them a US8 but I'm all between an 8-9 so here's hoping! That and they are comfy.

Kerry over at Kerry's Nerdy Habitat blogged about the Jump from Page bags and they are so cute and freaking expensive. She linked up other options and I found the above one on ebay for about 26 shipped. I can't wait for it get here. I love the purple and pink combo colors. There was also an Arcade shaped backpack and I want it but I figured I would start small. 

I am such a terrible saver. My closet is full of clothes, purses, and shoes. I do donate when I get way too many things but I just like it all. The only thing I'm hoping to get at WDW is the Her Universe Star Wars bed sheet print dress. We are going to be there for Star Wars weekend!! Yay!!

What cool stuff have you bought? Anything you're saving up for?

Have a good weekend!


  1. That 2D bag is super cute! Love the colours. Might have to pick up one for myself.

  2. The Captain America bag looks so cute. I go on Ebay and look longingly at Living Dead Dolls, especially Lizzie Borden and Countess Bathory, sigh.

  3. Hey Usagi! I've tagged you in a new tag: Slice of Adventure. Check it out, if you can do it then that'd be wonderful! x

    + thanks for linking me in your post :)

  4. Aww I hope the mickey & minnie flats fit you & are comfy... they are sooo cute! That skirt is so pretty, and for $8!? That's a steal! Have fun at WDW next week! I love that place, can't wait to see any pictures that you might take... have fun! :-)


  5. I lOVE the Sailor Moon jumper. So cute.

  6. I love that Sailor Moon sweater. I have my eye on a similar one on Etsy. Just tweeted it to you! ;)


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