Monday, June 2, 2014

Etsy Love: X-men and Maleficent!

I finally got around to watching the new X-men film on Sunday. I was at Disneyland when it came out and last Friday I watched Maleficent instead. Here are my etsy loves for both films!

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I own some of the charms but they are the Avengers. I actually turned them into earrings, jewelry, and other items. They are well made. I love notebooks, especially recycled ones and this one has Jubilee on it so even better. Comic book wallets are a weakness. I have made a few and I have bought a couple. The bracelets are made with recycles comic pages and they are awesome. Sadly, I can't wear bangles because my wrists are tiny and they slide off.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Those felt clips are freaking adorable!! I want them. The necklace is simple but so cute. I love the raven charm. The hair bow and infinity scarf fabric are so cute. I'm sad that the last photo of the earrings came out small and you can't see the details but it's a chibi Maleficent and a Raven. It's made out of polymer clay. 

Etsy is just filled with amazing handmade things that I just love to share. I may not always buy a lot of things but I love window shopping on etsy. 

Have you guys seen X-men and Maleficent? What were your thoughts?

Maleficent was very different and not dark as I thought it was going to be. It was beautiful, love Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and Sam Riley as Diaval/Raven. Sad that they made the three fairies into idiots who couldn't take care of Aurora. Also, Mistah J and I called it on how it was going to end in the middle of the film.

X-men Days of Future Past was one of the best so far out of the X-men films and that says a lot because I don't like X3 or Wolverine Origins, X-men and X2 were so so. First Class was pretty good but yea, Days was the best. I love Blink in the film and it was great seeing the old cast come back for this. 

I'm waiting for How to Train Your Dragon to be released later this month. I love the first film and I want my own Toothless. What film are you waiting for next??


  1. All very cute! I especially like that Maleficent necklace with the crow charm. :)

  2. Looking forward to X-Men. Love those Magnito/Prof. X charms & the Maleficent earrings. So. Cute.

  3. Everything you have found is so cute! My favorite is the Maleficent hair bow. I haven't seen either movie yet but I want to see them so bad! Something is always coming up every time my husband and I decide to go the movie theater. Hopefully we will get to watch the movies soon!


  4. Pretty sure I need that bangle. Like... right now. I have never really read x men. The movie was fantastic and made me want to start reading.

  5. Blink has been my favorite character since the moment she convinced Gambit to jump off a cliff...and that wasn'r even her powers! I also LOVE her and Victor's relationship in AoA! That was the first series I ever bought myself so I'm so weary of the movie. We might see it at the drive in though tomorrow.


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