Day Two of (non) SDCC!!

Ah Friday! Day two of (non) SDCC! We woke up really early because I wanted to do the Zip Line that FOX Gotham had set up. Of course, we didn’t leave on time – the hotels breakfast was actually pretty good and by the time we go to the convention center and then walked behind it, the line was already wrapping around itself.

When we got in line, the staff members were handing out waivers for us to fill out and told us that only 18 and older could zip line. L was not happy with that news and I felt bad having to make her wait in a line for something she wouldn’t get a chance to try. FXX was promoting their 12 days of The Simpsons marathon so Mistah J took her around while I waited in line.

Can I say I waited for almost two hours? Two hours just to zip line. Yup…

weeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee!

But it was so much fun!! The tower was 30FT high (I think) and the Gotham background was really cool. Also, for trying it out you got a photo, a gif of yourself zipping, Gotham shirt, and a Gotham Detective badge.  The really nice staff member that was handing out the items gave L a shirt and badge because “she’s so nice.” Thank you Gotham staff person!

After that I went over to check out the The Simpsons set up. They had a carnival water gun game and everyone was a winner. You got an inflatable doughnut from there. They were handing out blue cotton candy because we all need sugar and free sugar is even better and there was a giant set up of Homer’s dome of a head. They were also advertising their new app called The Simpsons World. As you stood in line to get in, they were giving out free stuff like a drawstring backpack, water bottle, slim jim, flashlight, and other things. Then we you walked inside, they played you the ad! I’m interested in the app. It will collect all of the eps, trivia about the characters, and more. When you left, the last thing they hand you is a badge that says I entered the dome.

I found the photo on tumblr & lost the user name. I will search and replace! So sorry!

Oh and while I waited in line, Mistah J and L went to the Carol Corps gathering and L got to met and get a duck face selfie with KellySue Deconnick!

We took a quick restroom and food break and made our way over to the Godzilla set up! They had a giant Godzilla that would randomly roar! Since I didn’t know it did, I was snapping photos of the fan art posters they had up when he screamed and I totally freaked out. I wasn’t the only one! We had a good laugh. You got to take a photo of yourself/group with Godzilla in the background and they gave out a reusable shopping tote! San Francisco charges a fee for shopping bags so I’m all for reusable shopping bags.  It was a small exhibit but fun!

Then it was time for my second NERD HQ panel! It was a conversation with Zachary Levi and Mystery Guests. I wouldn’t know who the guests would be until the panel started but I knew it would be good and it totally was!

L-R: Kal Penn, Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Freddie Wong, Taran Killam, Breckin Meyer, Colin Ferguson, and Nathan Fillion!

I think I was more excited to see Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters and Colin Ferguson! It was a great panel but due to the size of the group, not many questions were asked. The panels are only an hour long but it was really funny. The only people I didn’t know much about were Freddie Wong and Taran Killam. I heard Killam is on SNL and I don’t watch it but he was great though. I still won’t be watching SNL.

My favorite part of the panel is where Taran Killam and Nathan Fillion were told to “get a room” by Breckin Meyer. The things that happened! You should check out the panel on the Nerd Machine youtube channel!

Towards the end of the panel a notification went out that Colin Ferguson was going to do Smiles for Smiles. In case you don’t know, you pay $20 dollars to get a photo and it goes to charity as well. I text Mistah J if he was in the building which he was, and him & L got in for me!

Eureka is one of my favorite shows and I’m glad I got to take a photo with him! He shook my hand, I told him I enjoyed the panel, loveEureka, and got to chat with him for 2.5 seconds! And my 20 bucks went to charity! I don’t take photos with celebs at cons. I can barely afford to get to the con and it’s tough to shell out 70+ dollars for a photo though I still kick myself for not getting a photo with Gillian Anderson when she was at ECCC. The X-files was my first fandom before I even knew what fandom was!

Then it was time for me to get to the San Diego Public Library for SherlockeDCC!  Can I just confess that I have yet to finish ep 3 of season 2? Yup, haven’t finished it and I have some how managed not to get spoiled! Anyways, so I head over and the party was held on the 9th floor of the library! There was food, games, music, nail art, and drinks. I got to see a bunch of people, made new friends, and spent some money on Sherlock theme teas from adagio teas. The event was put together by The Nerdy Girlie, Baker Street Babes, Being Geek Chic, and Cara McGee! Thank you for putting together this event!!

I waited in line for some Sherlock theme nail art but the line took awhile and I had to head out for the 1030pm showing of @midnightwith Chris Hardwick!

Before the show began you could send out tweets using the hastag midnightSDCC and there was a chance it could be on the screen. When I arrived, there was this whole thing about BUTTS so I contribute something to it. I then saw a tweet from Mia Moore and Travis sent one out saying hi to the two of us. I did send one out to them but it never popped up. But of course my Butt one did… just my luck.

We love @Midnight it and have been trying for a taping so when Chris Hardwick announced it he was hosting one for SDCC, we jumped on getting tickets. The guests were Brian Posehn (comedian and co writer for Deadpool), Grace Helbig, and Steve Agee.

And that was my day two!! My favorite activity was definitely getting a photo with Colin Ferguson but zip lining through “Gotham” was second best.

My final day coming soon!! You can read about day one here.


  1. Aauuuggh, the tea and nails!! So amazing. Also, love that zipline for Gotham! It looks like so much fun. Will have to watch the @Midnight taping and look for you!

  2. The tea!!!!! The SherlockDCC party was amazeballs!!!!

    1. I went a bit overboard with tea!!

  3. AGHHH! So much awesome. I can't believe you waited 2 hrs to zip line. The shirt you got was super rad. I love the Kelly sue meet up with duck face galore.

    1. The shirt is so cool and I can't believe I did wait but it was worth it! I want to zip line again somewhere!


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