Mail Day!!

I love mail!! I love writing letters and sending out gifts, no matter the size. I also get excited when I get something in my PO BOX that isn't a bill.

It doesn't matter how big or small, I love mail.

I was having a crappy week and Cazz's package arrived and made it all better.


I got spoiled rotten! Look at all the cool stuff she sent me!! That Green Lantern is adorable. I need to see if a Green Arrow one exists. And that awesome hair bow! Gah! Thank you so much Cazz!!

A few days later, Farrah sent me a package too and look at everything!!

She sent me tea, notebook, pencil, stickers, and candy! A Captain America pez!! CAPTAIN AMERICA PEZ! I also got a "All Dogs go to Heaven" sticker! Awesome!!

My postcard pen pal sent me another awesome MLP postcard. I've been terrible in sending one back. I need to get on that.

Oh yay happy mail day!! Thank you so much!!! It brought me joy!!

I owe a few of you letters and I will get on that! I got a train ride today to San Diego so I'm going to catch up on my letter writing. If you guys want to swap - letters, postcards, goodies, let me know. I would love too even if it's just a one time thing.

I'm also on the look out for tea! I love tea. Tea is good!

What have you gotten in your mail box lately??


  1. Been sending out a lot of mail lately! Finding new homes for toys that can't come along when I move. Both packages are so adorable. :3

  2. I've been on an online shopping spree as of late so I've been getting lots of goodies in the mail :)

  3. I'm so glad you liked it all. I had so much fun making the package for you.


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