(Non) SDCC Day 1!!

I am back from San Diego and we had such a fun time!! There were so many things to see and do that even though we didn’t have badges, it was still amazing. Seriously, if you have a chance to hit up SDCC without badges, you should totally do it. You will be waiting in lines no matter what but if you go with friends, you will never realize you are missing out!

And there is always making friends in lines! It was great meeting everyone!!

(Let's take a side trip to Sleepy Hollow!)

But anyways, here is my recap for day one of my non SDCC trip!

We took Amtrak from SF to SD and arrived at 5am on Thursday morning! We went to our hotel, dropped everything off, head out to find breakfast because at 9am I had my very first NERD HQ panel.

I have wanted to check out NERD HQ but I never did because I was always at the convention center. I wish I had been going sooner because I had such a fun time! I will for sure be going again next year. The good thing about the panels that if you miss out on buying a seat, they stream them on their youtube channel live and if you can't see it live, it will pop up in a couple of hours for you to watch. They have all of this years panels up!

My conversation for a cause panel was with Zachery Levi. I love him in Chuck and what I think what he is doing for Operation Smile is such a wonderful thing. The panel was such a riot and my seat was in a great spot. Granted, due to the amount of folks let into each panel (300 only) every seat was a great spot. He talked about Chuck, his Broadway show, sang, and it was an all out blast.

After the panel, I went searching for Mistah J and L so we could get our lazer tag on! Nerdist was hosting a Borderlands the Pre-Sequel lazer tag on the top floor of Petco Park. We only had ten minutes and went in groups of 20 but it was a lot of fun. I only got 10 “kills”! I miss playing lazer tag. There isn’t one is San Francisco. Fun note, we got interviewed for Nerdist! We are at the 41 second mark!

After that, I got to met up with Travis who was so amazing and picked up all four the Mondo BATMAN: TAS 7” singles. They released them for the con and they had four different covers with Harley Quinn, The Joker, Mr. Freeze, and Clay Face. There was a fifth one – Man Bat – but I guess it never made it to them in time. It was great to meet you Travis and I hope we get to see other some more!! I love meeting blogger friends, you guys are the greatest!!

After Travis and I said our goodbyes, we headed back down to roam about Nerd HQ. I will say, I enjoyed the panels and the Smiles for Smiles photo ops but once you did a round on the floor, there was nothing else to do. You got try out video games like Sonic Boom & Alien Isolation, there was a stage with different programming going on but none of it peaked my interest but once you did everything, it was kinda boring. I will be back next year for the panels because for me, it beats spending the night and all day in line for Hall H.

We left for some food and to get a break from the crowds before we made our way to the Disney Infinity 2.0 pop up shop! We are fans of the games and when I heard they were going to be at SDCC and folks would be able to play the game we just had to go. We got to play with the Avengers set – Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor – and the game play was great as always. L had the most fun. She ventured off to play with Rocket Raccoon, Merida, and Tinkerbell. I actually pre ordered the collectors set that comes with all 6 Avengers, a collectors base with a Frost Giant, and of course the game. As a thank you, I got Rocket Raccoon figure for free. Disney also had sketch artists; I got a drawing of Vanellope. I was hoping for Jubilee but the artist I got didn’t feel comfortable drawing her. There was food going around, oh so yummy, it was a great time. On our way out we were all handed Groot t-shirts as a thank you for playing! Thanks Disney!

It was then time for me to head the Female Geek Bloggers meet up hosted by The Nerdy Girlie. It was great meeting the folks whose blogs I just love reading! I did kick myself for not having business cards made to hand out to everyone. That’s something I should really think about doing.  I got to chat with most everyone, talked about cosplay & body image with Mia, Liz, and Joie, dropped some blogs ideas with Brooke, and we had a group photo which I’m hoping pops up somewhere! Haha.. I wish I had taken photos but our location met up was at a pub and it was dark! There is only so much my iphone can do!

I also got to see Joie again! She helped me get some of the Matty SDCC figures even though they didn’t have everything in stock! That was such a hassle during the remaining days trying to get the missing items but I am still thrilled that she helped me out!! I may write about Matty when I make a blog post showing off the dolls/figure.

Afterwards, we few of us headed off to Nerd HQ for the fan party! I didn’t stay long because I had a shuttle to catch! After ten pm, the bus going to my part of town went from every 15 mins to 30. Also, I had been up for almost 24 hours. I didn’t get much sleep on the train down to SD.

My first day was such a blast! Thanks for reading this far if you did. I’ll have day 2 and 3 soon! How was your first day at SDCC? What was your favorite thing that you did that day?


  1. Sounds like your first day was a lot of fun! I like your wall-climbing picture lol :D I didn't go but I hope I get to one day :)


  2. Omg, Reptar! Now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day, haha.

  3. SO MUCH fun meeting you! I had so much fun at the meet up that I didn't take pictures either! Next year! LOL xo

  4. Sounds you had a great time! Can't say I'm not a *little* jealous ;)

  5. I loved the Sleepy Hollow experience! It's true you don't need a badge to have a great time!

  6. One of these years I'll get there. Thanks for the Nerd HQ tips. If I don't manage to get a ticket to the con, I'll still come hang out!

  7. It was so awesome meeting you!!! You're such a cool chick!
    I hope to see you next year too!

  8. Sounds like you had an amazing time. So cool you got to meet up with so many blogger friends and discuss ideas as well.


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