Thursday, July 17, 2014


San Diego Comic Con is a week away! I am excited to be in some sun and hanging out! San Francisco has been having some funky weather. It was warm on Monday but freezing today!

Since I didn’t have time to make anything and I refuse to wear wigs during 100 degree weather, (okay not really 100 but it’s still way hot!) I decided to closet cosplay!

L-R: Kate Bishop, Jubilee, Bee, & America Chavez

Kate: I just need a purple v-neck, purple sunglasses, and some shorts. I may make a pizza slice out of felt and attach it to one of my puppy plushie to have Pizza Dog with me.

Jubilee: Pink shirt, jean shorts, my blue slip ons instead of boots, and no yellow jacket unless I can find a yellow shawl or something. I also have the perfect pair of pink sunglasses that I found while in Tokyo. They are so Jubilee!

Bee: I have the pink shorts and instead of brown boots, my plan is to go with brown sandals. I’m looking for either a yellow tank top and sewing a felt bee on it or a yellow v-neck and wearing a bee necklace. I have a thing for v-necks.

America: Black shorts and a simple Captain America/Star shirt that I know I have some where. If not, I know I have a blue shirt and white fabric paint.

That is my plan! I’m trying really hard not having to run out and buying anything. Yellow is not something that is in my closet so I may have to shell out money for that but I ain’t gonna lie, I’ll just go to Forever 21 and pay 5 bucks for a tank or something.

I am excited for Comic Con! Mistah J and I didn’t get tickets but I am looking at all the outside events going on! I just found out that MAC cosmetics is releasing a collection of The Simpsons make up and on Saturday the 26th, the MAC store located in Gaslamp will be selling the collection for one day only. I’m for sure hitting that. I’m not a make up girl but I love nail polish! I also can’t wait to attend the live taping of @midnight and going to the Female Geek Bloggers met up!

The last few years we have gone and had tickets, we never get to check out the non badge events but this year I’m ok with not having tickets. All the big panels end up on youtube, big major news/announcements end up on my twitter feed within seconds of them being said, and sometimes I can get the con exclusive items later on on Ebay once the frenzy dies down. I just miss attending the smaller panels because those don’t always end up online.

I’m just sad that Her Universe fashion show is a SDCC badge event!

What are your plans for SDCC? Did you get tickets? What outside events are you going to? Are you staying home and checking everything out online?

See you at SDCC!!


  1. They all sound so creative, comfortable and fun. I can not wait to see you as closet America Chavez.

  2. OMG Im so Jealous! I wish I could go to SDCC. One year i'll make it there! who knows when though!

    Evon Von

  3. All of your outfits sound great! Nothing wrong with closeting a costume, plus you will be a hell of a lot more comfortable then a lot of other people I expect. ;) x

  4. SDCC look forward to photos! have you seen the new
    Marvel Bishoujo 1/7 Scale Jubilee by Kotobukiya

    looks really nice

  5. I love all these closet cosplay ideas. Photos please!!!
    And have the BEST time at SDCC. So jealous of all you West Coast girls right now.

  6. I can't wait to hear about your time at SDCC. I'll be following along via twitter and instagram. Have fun!


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