Thursday, July 3, 2014

She is the one named Sailor Moon!!

This weekend is the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal and I am excited!!! I can't wait. I have also been watching the original series on Hulu Plus every Monday!

With the excitement of Sailor Moon at an all time high I wanted to do a post and thought I could share with you guys some of my Sailor Moon items. I have been collecting items on and off since it was released in the US back in 1995. My collection is a mixture of both Japanese and North American released items.

Here we go!!

My 6" dolls! I picked these up at a random KB Toys for $1.99!! I need Sailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Uranus but they are expensive on ebay. Tuxedo Kamen is somewhere in storage. 

I ordered the Sailor Moon Super S locket charm from Yes Asia. It's listed as a bag charm but that's not happening. It's so pretty!

I found this beauty at Toys R Us in the 90s. I haven't put in any batteries so I don't run the risk of me forgetting about them and they leak out one day. 

A really cute Sailor Pluto doll and Luna & Artemis. These were won off of Yahoo Japan auctions. The Sailor Pluto doll is from a set that comes in little pouches that were sold during Sailor Moon Stars.

I ordered the Proplica Moon Stick from Amazon back in Dec of last year and it arrived earlier in the month. It's so pretty! I hope they release more items. I want a Luna Pen!

And more wands!! From L-R: Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod, and Moon Kaleido Scope. All these are NA releases. I can't afford the Japan release ones. I lost the battery cover for the Moon stick but they all still work. Also, the background is Sailor Moon curtains I thrifted!! I actually want to put them up but since they were made for children in mind, they are pretty short. 

My second favorite item I own, like it was one of my Holy Grail, (Usagi's star locket is my number one item!) This is Chibi Usa's Stallion Reve. It was only in the anime and she uses it to speak with Pegasus in Sailor Moon Super S series. It's so beautiful. I picked this piece up in 2004 at Ani-Magic for about 30 bucks. I'm so glad I did because now it's going for at least 500+.

So there you have it!! Some of my Sailor Moon stuff. What do you own? What item are you still searching for? Will you be catching the first ep this weekend? 



  1. Wow congrats on getting all these treasures. Im sure you are over the moon now.

  2. Nice! I want that moon stick! When I was a little girl my mom bought me Sailor Moon dolls but I think my sister has them at her house now where her daughter plays with them. I'd show them off but I played with them so much that their hair is all messed up and I think Sailor Mercury is missing an arm. Ooops. lol


  3. Omg your collection is beautiful!

  4. I loved this post. Your collection is full of so many unique items. I love your holy grail. It's stunning.

  5. Moon!!!!
    This is amazing! I had all the inner senshi dolls, with the exception of Jupiter (she was most popular me thinks) but I never even saw the yellow boxed ones at KB (I got mine there too).
    And that Reve is gorgeous!
    GREAT collection!


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