Friday, August 29, 2014

August Favorites!!

Can you believe that it’s already the end of August? Time needs to stop!! Stop moving Earth. I’m not ready!!

I’ll be at PAX this weekend! I am so excited! As I’m typing this, I am dreading my early flight. It’s not that early, it’s the process of getting there that kills me.

School also started up! I’m still going part time and taking two classes. Hooray for more reading and more writing, why did I pick Liberal Studies for my major?

And on that note:

TV Shows & Films:

Itazura na Kiss – I started watching the anime about a week ago. It was cute in the beginning but right now, I’m so annoyed with the name character Kotoko. She has a crush on Naoki and he just toys with her. I keep yelling at the TV to stop liking him. I am entertained either way so I’ll keep watching. I have been so out of the anime loop so if you have any series you want to recommend let me know!

Need for Speed – It wasn’t a cinematic masterpiece but it was really fun! And those cars! Worth the rent!

Divergent – I finally got around to watching it and Mortal Instrument. I enjoyed Divergent more and I really want to know what happens to Tish and Four. I may have to read the books.

Guardian of the Galaxy – Just like most of the world, I love this film. Groot and Rocket are so adorable together; who knew a tree and rodent would make me cry. I love Gamora, such a kick ass  character. I just didn’t like the part where Drax calls her a whore . Why was that needed in the film?

Music on repeat:

Melanie Martinez: Dollhouse EP
Sia – Chandelier
Childish Gambino - 3005


Saga #22

Ms. Marvel #7

Black Widow #9

Bee & Puppycat #3

Has anyone started to read Grayson? What are your thoughts?

Favorite Moment:

Does getting a new phone count? =) I had an iphone 4s which was dying on me. The battery life was terrible and since you can’t just swap out the battery I had no choice but to get a new phone. I went with the Galaxy s5 and I forgot how much you can customize android phones.


The leaked Deadpool test footage. I am such a huge Deadpool fan and that footage was so great. I keep randomly watching it when I need a pick me up. What were your thoughts on it?

Funko announced a dancing Groot and a Howard the Duck POP figures! Are you excited because I sure am! I will also admit here and now that I ADORE the Howard the Duck film. I don’t care how bad it is you will not make me hate it.

Have a good weekend!!


  1. I can't wait to get a little dancing Groot! Also, I really should learn to customize my phone. I just got my first smartphone this year (I know, so behind the times haha!) but I barely have any apps on it! Also, I recommend reading the Divergent series. I haven't read a ton of YA, but it's my absolute favorite of what I have read.

  2. Chandelier is also on repeat for me! Great song :)


  3. Saga #22 had the best first page ever. I laughed so hard. :)


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