Day three of (non) SDCC

I’m back with day three of (non) SDCC! I took a bit to get this posted because I have a surprise at the end for my lovely readers!

Saturday was day three and our last day in beautiful San Diego. We trained back home and it’s about a 12 hour ride so we left early Sunday morning. I missed out on the Supernatural, Felicia Day/Wil Wheaton, and Stephen Amell’s conversation for a cause panels!

Anyways, Mistah J head off to drop L off and I had a ticket to The Walking Dead panel at 10am over at NERD HQ!

It was a good panel but they couldn’t talk much about the new season. I missed out on the trailer for season 5 that was aired during their Hall H presentation but I caught it on you tube.

Side note: I know the fun of camping overnight for Hall H is to see the big panel and get sneak peeks but everything I was interested in ended up online – trailer or panel so I avoid Hall H now. Granted, the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer hasn’t popped up which makes me sad but that’s ok. I will find it!

But back to actual post, The Walking Dead panel ended and I got a message that Mistah J was back and we met up at the Hard Rock hotel because I really wanted to get my MockingJay pin. You got it by watching the trailer! I kept hearing the line was about a 2 hour wait and since we had not other real plans and my next panel wasn’t until 4:15pm, we waited in line…

And waited…. And waited…. And waited…

While waiting I ran into the cast of Constantine but I was too star struck to ask for a picture. Also they were being rushed into their waiting van. I love getting photos with my favorite celebrities but I also feel awkward about it. What are your thoughts on this? Do you just go for it and ask or just be happy that you saw them in passing?

Ok, back to the Mocking Jay line, we waited some more and then it turned into almost 4 hours. What the hell was I thinking??? They were pulling people out of line if you only wanted to see the trailer and get the pin. I asked what was waiting for us inside and they said you could get photos, design items like a drawstring bags & shirts, there were drinks, desserts, and for those with a Samsung phone, free cases with your name engraved. I wanted to wait because it sounded awesome but by the time we got to the actual door the entry slowed down!! They let groups in as people left but by the time we got to the front, no one was leaving. I was determined not to leave the line but now that I look back on it, I should of. 

We got in and started to look around, eat some yummy food, check out the things Samsung was advertising, and then trying to get in line to get the stuff designed, it was almost four pm and I had to rush over to Nerd HQ for my Nathan Fillion panel!

Mistah J was nice enough to stick around and the people working the event let him design a tank top for me and since he’s not into the books/films, he also got me the backpack. But because I had to run off, I didn’t catch the trailer!

So I bolted out of the Hard Rock hotel where it was and ran over to Petco Park but I made it with enough time. Nathan Fillion’s panel was one of the best panels I went to! I got to see four Nerd HQ panels & hands down, his was my favorite. He was also auctioning items off with his signature for Operation Smile and I really wanted something but they were going so high! I’m talking $500+ range.

But at the end of his panel I got a notification that he was going to do Smiles for Smiles and I ran out of the room. Of course by the time I got to his line it was closed off. I lingered around for a bit and they let more folks in and I jumped over.

I got my photo!!!

After that, I meet up with Mistah J and we wondered downtown to get something to eat. Since it was late, most of the con stuff were closing down, we decided to wonder around Gaslamp and see what we could find.

We ran into The Tipsy Crow and the bar was hosting The Witches of East End. I just started watching that show and was excited. They gave you 2 free drink tokens and they had theme drinks from the show. I kept one of the tokens! They also were advertising that the cast would show up but it was a tiny bar and so crowded, we left.

We saw one of the movie theatres was hosting props from the show The Strain on FX so we walked in check it out. It turned out they were also playing the first 2 eps on the big screen so we sat down to watch it. It was pretty interesting but not something I’m going to add on my DVR. I may watch it once it hits Netflix… maybe.

And that was that!

SDCC was a ton of fun so if you get the chance to go, you should totally do it! We found so much to do with badges! I have plans to hopefully hit up more panels at NERD HQ next year. I’m still kinda iffy about their crowd funding that they did but I truly did enjoy the panels.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. That's too bad the Catching Fire thing was so packed. I could never do SDCC with Rick, he hates waiting in lines. I wasn't paying close attention to the SDCC announcements, but I'm very stoked for Age of Ultron.

  2. I wish i could have gone to SDCC, or any convention really. Sucks being in the mid-west, and sadly I couldn't justify the funds to go somewhere when I have bills to pay.

    I did however appreciate and follow some of the Nintendo Announcements, and was excited to hear their news on Super Smash Brothers as I'm looking forward to the console version of the game.

  3. What a fun time! My 1st few SDCCs I was nervous to ask for a celebrity picture, but this, my 6th year it didn't bother me as much. If they are busy or with their families I deff wouldn't bother them, seeing them is a treat, but I also respect them too :) I think you did what was right! So glad you had a great time, cannot wait for next year! xo

  4. Whoa, that's an EPIC swag bag! Glad your SDCC adventures were awesome, your pictures on IG were a blast to see. :D

  5. Still regretting not going to SDCC this year. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  6. I missed so much offsite stuff this year! My favorite announcement wasabout the new Star Wars books that are coming

  7. I went to SDCC and got zero swag. Not even joking. The few things I brought home with me, I bought. I couldn't find any of the free goodies being given out (except my Nerd HQ bracelet). And I am a really bad nerd, I didn't even keep up with what was being announced. I did enjoy seeing the trailer for Kevin Smith's movie Tusk at his Hollywood Babble-On taping though :)


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