DIY: Harley Quinn, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow!!

I love necklaces. I own way too many of them. That doesn't stop me from making them. I also started making earrings.

I have sensitive ears so the hooks have to be either sterling silver or actual gold. My ears get really pissed off if I use any kind of metal so I put off making stuff. I finally jumped into making them not to ago and it has been fun!!

Let me start with the necklaces!

I don't anything with pearls, real or fake. My local bead shop gave me this random pearl bead for free because I highly doubt they would give me a real one & made a simple necklace. I wore it to work and a lot of people liked it. I'm still working on my wiring (twisting/turning/attaching) but it looks good.

I love my girl Harley Quinn and there isn't much out there of her jewelry wise so I made myself a perler bead necklace. I did not create the pattern, I found it on bead sprite page. I also had left over red and black beads from a Deadpool necklace I created. I think I made this necklace about 20" long. Perler bead creation work really well with long chains.

I love Bucky and Natasha!! Brubaker broke my heart during his run on Winter Soldier series with these two. The art was amazing as well. I rescued a bunch of the comics from a local three for a dollar bin and started making stuff. This is one of my favorite items to date. The clasp is a rose and the hand gun charm was given to me by a friend about 4 years ago. I used red and black crystals. I also had a rose dangle but I couldn't get it to work so I'm saving it for something else. But yes, my most favorite necklace I have created to date.

And now the earrings!!!

I found this really pretty leaf charms at a local bead show. They are actual leaves coated in something and I just can't take a picture to show how pretty they are. I didn't know what to use them for until I found the hoops recently.

At ECCC this year, Mistah J and I went to the Carol Corps panel and one of the hosts, Tehnakki made these awesome Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel charms out of acrylic. We each got one and I finally used them for something! I finally caught up on Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan and I'm working my way through the newest run of Captain Marvel and both series are amazing. Seriously, I think you guys should read them. A lot of Kamala childhood/upbringing reminds me of my childhood and the way my mother tried to raise me. The writing is great and witty. The most recent issue has her working with Wolverine and she was trying so hard not to fangirl. I would of failed. Anyways, these are the earrings I created. I used red, blue, and yellow crystals, and just have them dangle.

That's what I've been up too. I had this sudden urge to make more geeky jewerly just because there isn't much out there. Marvel and DC only make jewelry of their top guys like Captain America and Batman or Iron Man and Superman. I mean don't get me wrong, I love those guys but give me more characters!

Hot Topic tries to make a lot of geek jewelry but there are only so many dog tags and rubber bracelets I want to wear. Also, I love the obscure characters or the ones who are semi popular but until they make a film, you just won't find much.

What do you think about the geeky selection of jewelry out there? I mean the actual licensed stuff. Or do you stuck with handmade items off of etsy and such? Have you taught yourself a craft so you could make your own items? I probably would of never learned how to make jewelry if it wasn't for the lack of Jubilee and Harley Quinn stuff.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Those leaf earrings are gorgeous! And I feel ya on the sensitive metals. Have you tried putting a coat or two of clear nail polish over them? I haven't tried it on earrings, but it works like a charm on rings for me!

  2. Love the Harley Quinn necklace! I haven't tried to make any geeky jewelry, but I'd love to! I think it'd be so much fun :)


  3. I really like the last two earrings. Those leaf charms are beautiful. I tend to prefer hand made geeky jewelry, it's usually more unique, but I do have a licensed pair of Mass Effect Renegade/Paragon studs that I love.

  4. So radical to see you getting creative and using lots of different things to make jewellery. I love the detail that you put into all your work. :)

  5. I love love love the Black Widow and Captain Marvel items! Fantastic!

  6. I love those Ms Marvel/Captain marvel earrings. great use of those charms!


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