DIY: Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!!

I’m taking a break from my SDCC posting to take about one of the most awesome things I have ever made!!

I made my very first skirt!

I have done some sewing, just simple things like a pillow out of a t-shirt, hair bows, apron made out of a pillow case and hemming pants. I have always wanted to make clothing for myself because I am weird shape and there are never enough geek clothes out there without the words “fight in heels” or “girls night out.”

I was out thrifting one day when I came across a Duck Tales fitted bed sheet. I have seen so many people create skirts and dress out of bed sheets and I have wanted to attempt my own creation. Instead of screwing up the Duck Tales one with my first attempt, I found Powerpuff Girls sheet and decided that will be my sacrifice.

I decided to start simple and go with a circle skirt and elastic waist band. I found a great tutorial over at What the Craft and she even has a free circle skirt pattern. I created my pattern using brown craft paper. I thought it was going to be tough making my own pattern but it wasn’t! She had a great video tutorial and it took about 30 mins to make with my measurements!

With Mistah J’s help, I started cutting the bed sheet and let me tell you, cutting up a PPG sheet was tough but he kept reminding me that I already own one! Now, the tutorial recommended folding the fabric into 4 pieces so you would end up a solid circle. If I did that, I would end up with upside down Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup on one side. I went with two pieces and because I had to do that, I picked out which poses I wanted.

Also since it was a little see through, I had to go back to the fabric store to find something I could layer under it. I went with black because black goes with everything. That and it looks good with purple. I had to cut that up into two pieces as well. Also, interfacing is a good thing to have. When I was cutting up the bed sheet, it would just stretch out and I ended up with the pieces being longer then the actual pattern. So yes, must remember that for next time. Interfacing!

Oh but I have no sewing machine. I own a really cute Hello Kitty one and for some reason it just stopped working. The thread would just bunch itself up. I thought it was the tension but nothing. Mistah J asked his mother if we could use her machine and she said ok!

Of course it was more like give me the skirt, let me help you. Haha.. she did the bulk of the sewing. I get it, it’s your baby. I would be iffy about having someone else use my machine too.

But after 2 hours of sewing, I have my very first skirt. I am so excited to try more sewing projects and also to make myself more skirts. I found a really cool zombie theme fabric that I need to pick up!

So what do you guys think? I’m happy with the final product. I have worn it a few times and it’s holding up. Nothing has come undone yet so that’s good news.

I’m also trying to save up for a new sewing machine. SDCC wiped me out so it will probably another month before I can officially buy one but I have been researching. I’m looking at possibly getting the Brother CS6000i. Does anyone own it? What are your thoughts on it? What do you recommend I check out?

Have a good one!


  1. OH MY GOSH!
    That's so stinking cute!!! It looks great, and I love that stitching!

  2. Adorable! I've seen such cute stuff out of sheets! My favourites were Care Bears and Jurassic Park dresses.

    I actually sew a lot. I personally love my Janome machine, but that Brother one looks pretty good, especially at that sale price. You likely won't use most of the stitches (I don't on mine), but they are nice to have if you ever do. Went I started, I used my mom's Singer, which is about 10 years older than me and it have exactly 2 stitches (straight and zig-zag) and it was all I needed for a couple years. But go with quality if you can. Also, if you are interested in sewing more clothing, I would recommend using patterns from a small company like Colette Patterns, since they have waaaaay better instructions than Butterick/McCalls/Vogue/Burda that you find in most fabric stores. And let me know if you have any sewing questions, I'd be happy to help out a new sewer!

  3. I own a Brother and they're great! Mine is a simple beginners one but now that I am heavily into costuming I need to look into a better durable one (the one you linked to is actually pretty great looking and the price is fantastic!)

    I love that skirt..I need to go thrift shopping more so I can find cute sheets haha

  4. I've worked with that type of sewing machine and it's great! Wonderful for both beginners and intermediate level sewers. I have a different type of Brother STILL in its box unfortunately, but I'm waiting when I move into the new apartment to set up a sewing and crafting area. Also, your stitching looks so great!! This is such a great skirt. :D Do you know how much materials cost you altogether?

  5. this is great! i have no idea how to sew, but if I did I would love to make skirts like this of my fave shows! :)


  6. Lovely! I really need to get my machine fixed. Way too many awesome projects out there.

  7. Cute! Why can I never find cool sheets! Its really pretty and I love the colour!

  8. :o

    A unicorn just puked glitter right across my desktop. Otherwise I couldn't explain this pink, cute, awesome girliness. I need to have one, too! :D


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