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My semester at SF State started a month ago and I already had 2 papers due, mid terms start in about a week ( I AM NOT READY!), and then 2 more papers are due. Oh and let us not forget FINALS. December 12th can't get here fast enough. 

But with the start of every semester, I use it as an excuse to buy office/school supplies because I love office supplies. I love the smell it when I walk into a store. I have an unhealthy obsession with notebooks. I love having an excuse to buy supplies!

And when I can get some geeky supplies, the better. I am a grown woman and I will show up to class with an 1. Avengers Assemble binder. I really don't care. Everyone in my classes carry laptops but since I work 40+ a week and go to right to campus afterwards, I don't want to risk my laptop and that is a lot of strain on my back. Speaking of back, I bought myself a new backpack, a 2. Harley Quinn backpack. It's a nice size and the small pouch has slots for pens and other misc, smaller items. It also has a hidden pouch that houses Harley Quinn's hat. Nope, that wasn't the deciding factor... not.at.all.

Water bottles are a big must have for me. Water is all around good for you but for some unknown reasons the classrooms on campus are obnoxiously hot. I have a really cool Jack Skellington one from the Disney Store but this 3. glass water bottle is adorable with the purple swirl color!  

I discovered this company called kikki.K Stationery & gifts and they have the prettiest notebooks/planners/stationery items and I order their 4. Lilac time planner. I have a smart phone and a tablet. People always ask me why I still use a paper planner. Simple, I could run the risk of losing my tablet, it crashing, or battery dying at the worse moment. This way I also have it on paper. That and I am in love with planners.
I love multi pens. All you need is one barrel and have multi colors. The one I'm using is a black one with colorful doodles on it like stars, moons, and crowns. It's a 4+ one so I have black, red, purple, and blue in it. I do have a pen case filled to the brim but I realized that I need to stop carrying so much weight My black one is no longer available but this cute 5. Zebra 3 color pen is adorable. 

6. Samsung tablet so makes an appearance too. I rotate between her and the planner. I bought it last year for my trip to London/Paris and it was so handy & small. I use it in class to look things up because I try not to drain the battery on my phone. I need music on the metro ride to & from especially at 10pm. The tablet also helps me when I get bored in class because it does happen. I've had teachers who are spazzy and are still trying to figure out their lesson plan. =/
How many of you guys are in school? Started already? Finishing up? What geeky supplies do you use? I also carry a Bucky Barnes notebook that I found at Walgreens for 49 cents. I use it when I don't feel like taking the binder. 
Good luck to everyone who is in school and hopefully are not having a crazy semester! Wish me luck on my midterms. I'm gonna need it.

Disclaimer: I own the Harley Quinn Backpack, Kikki.K planner, and a Samsung tablet which were bought with my own money. They are amazing! The Avengers binder is not the same one I bought but close to it. (Website is overseas so careful if you order it) and both pen & water bottle were picked for cuteness. I don't own them.   


  1. Good luck! That backpack is dope.

  2. the only thing I miss about starting school is buying new school supplies! good luck with school :)


  3. I saw that Harley Quinn backpack. So cool. If only I had a reason to have a backpack now lol. Good luck with the midterms!!!

  4. I'm in grad school and also am 27, so I feel like I should be past this, but my solution this semester has been standard, cheap school supplies that I then plastered with stickers. My three composition books for class notes are, one with deco stickers, a Robotech one, and a Gundam one, and then I have a binder that I put the sticker on from when I went to the early showing of Guardians of the Galaxy. I like making my own nerd stuff better, because then I'm less frustrated when I dump coffee on it. (Plus, I got a glorious create-a-sticker machine, and that gets used extensively.)

  5. Holy moly! That Harley backpack is so adorable. I wish you could get that kind of thing here. :(

  6. I always carry a paper planner with me in addition to all of my gadgets! It keeps me the most organized!

  7. YAY school! Boo homework ;P But at least you have some awesome school supplies in tow!
    I need to go back to finish grad school.
    Hope the rest of the semester goes by without a hitch!


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