Confessions of a blogger!

Megan over at The Nerdy Girlie shared about her blogging confessions and asked for others to post their own! I could just yell out "I'm lazy!" and "What am I doing?" but I felt like I should elaborate a bit.

1. I hate, hate promoting myself/my blog posts.

I see a lot of folks put up links for their blog posts on their twitter, instagram, and facebook. Some even have facebook pages for their blog but I feel like I'm just spamming people if I send out a link and say “Hey, I wrote about another con visit!” or “DISNEYLAND TRIP... AGAIN!” Granted, when I do it's only once and I move on to talk about other things like how terrible Rage was but I had to watch it because of Nick Cage.

2. I can't keep a schedule/terrible at it.

I had bought a planner at the start of the new year, cut up my post it notes and started to keep a schedule of blog posts. It worked really well in the beginning but then I started to run out of ideas. I started using it less & less and now it's buried under some books. Also with the semester starting I have to decide do I type up this post or my report/essay. The essay always ends up winning. I need to start planning my posts again.

3. I get so lazy when it comes to editing photos!

I do! I still need to finish writing up my London/Paris trip that I took last year, I want to share the photos from Disneyland Paris, I realized I still haven't published my Kraken Con visit, and it's all because I get lazy to edit the photos. Also how much is too much in terms of photos? Also, what happens when you don't have photos but want to share something? I feel like people won't read it because there is not enough photos attached. Bah!

4. I'll write up my posts anywhere but home.
I'll write during work hours. I'll write on the bus. I'll write while in class which is what I am doing right now. Home is actually really crowded and I have no room for a desk. I usually get home & things happen which need to be taken care of. I end up tired and just lock myself in my room with Netflix. This is something that I need to change.

5. I've made friends!!

I don't have many IRL friends but opening this blog, putting my love/hobbies/writing out there, I have met some amazing folks and I am really glad that I started blogging. You are all amazing and wonderful. 

I liked writing up this post because it showed me what I need to work on if I want to keep this blog going and I do. I want to keep meeting new people, share ideas, geek out over fandoms, discover new things, and everything that comes with blogging. But I will say that I am proud with what I have because I gotten over 200+ posts, kept going for a year and half even though I have slowed down and discovered new things and some things about myself all thanks to you guys! =)

So what are your blogging confessions? Feel free to share in the comments below or add a link to your post and add it to Megan's as well. 


  1. These are great! I've been getting distracted by Netflix lately! Scandal and Felicity! I'm so happy that blogging has brought so many amazing people into my life and you are one of them! Hope to see you again soon! xx

  2. I don't think it matters where you write your posts, as long as you write! :D

  3. Love your confessions! I too struggle with promoting my blog. I share it on Twitter (if I remember) but that's it!

  4. Ooohhh, I feel the laziness too! It's just so tedious to go through the pics, picking the best ones, possibly editing them, uploading, etc....Even writing about it makes me feel lazy!

  5. I love these posts. I don't blog anywhere but home, except sometimes i'll write a comic book review at a coffee shop on paper then type it up when I get home.

  6. #5 is the best part of blogging! ^_^

    My confession is that I can never stay on a blogging schedule. I'm so erratic with posting because I suck at planning and yea...laziness! :P

  7. I loved this! I definitely can relate to ALL of this especially the planner part. I was doing so good at the beginning of the year, but now it's in my closet somewhere. Haha!

  8. I have also met so many wonderful people thanks to blogging! I'm the total opposite of #4... home is the only place I can peacefully blog!


  9. Yes I love that I've met like minded women through blogging! So many wonderful people <333

  10. I feel REALLY weird about self promotion as well, but I too am proud of my blog, and, I want to keep it growing. Meeting you, and, other geeky bloggers has been a true joy!!!
    You're awesome!


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