PAX Prime 2014!!

This year was my first trip to PAX Prime ever. I always missed out on tickets because they never had a set time. They would just announce they are on sale and the rush that would ensue.

This year not only did I follow them on twitter but had text and twitter’s notifications on. It worked so well with The Nerd Machine panels and when Mondo announce record sales. So I got the notification that PAX tickets were on sale and I log right on and got tickets!!

Jaime was gonna attended the show with me but sadly he couldn’t make it so I sold the tickets to my brother. I headed off toSeattle Friday and was there all four days!

May I mention how much I am loving Seattle?

So I flew in, got to the hotel, checked in, and ventured off to the convention center. I was so freaking overwhelmed, massively overwhelmed. I thought I knew what to expect and it was nothing like I had in my head. The halls were really crowded, lines were long, and all the free stuff they were giving away!

I got to try so many games! Games that I am interested in, games that I felt were iffy but still curious, and games I never would have thought that I would want to play!

Since I was not in the right head space because I wanted to try everything, I didn’t write things down and I seriously did not take that many pictures.

I got to try out Sunset Overdrive, Super Smash Bros 3D, Dead Island 2, Final Fantasy Curtain Call, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, Pokemon Art Academy, and more. Like I said, I was so excited I just didn’t keep track. I enjoyed Sunset Overdrive and I would love to own that game but it’s only for new gen consoles. I adore music/rhythm games so I need to get Final Fantasy Curtain Call. Dead Island 2 nwas pretty good. It was in the early stages so I’m hoping more will be added to the game. I never played the first one but I heard mixed reviews on it. The indie games were great too!! Some of them I had never heard of and they were so much fun. Costume Quest 2 was an adorable Halloween adventure game. Together: Amna and Saif was another cute game. 

I only went to two panels, Geek Crafts and Cards Against Humanity. I enjoyed the geek crafts one, some awesome ladies were hosting and the stuff they create it amazing. They gave out great advice for people who want to sell their crafty goodness and what not. I lined up early for the CAH panel because it always gets full from what I hear and I wanted some PAX edition cards. The panel was hilarious and they asked the audience to throw out ideas for a set of cards. They printed them out the next day and I got a set of 10 cards! Nice.

CAH also set up a printing machine and you could get custom cards made. I got six made, one with my name, one with Mistah J’s name, and the other ones were based around us and a “Howard the Duck” card. Sadly, I couldn’t pick up the remaining three because they got backed up and I had a flight to catch Monday morning. I’m hoping to e-mail them for them.
And can I mention all the free stuff I got! I got so many t-shirts!! So.Many. A lot of them were large/x-large so I may use them in craft projects. You can check them out on my instagram here, here, and here. WB Games booth was handing out stuff for the Batman:Arkham Origins and I got handed the collector edition FOR FREE!! Whoa! I also collected a ton of drawstring backpacks and lanyards. Lanyards were a thing at PAX.

It was crazy, four days full of craziness and I enjoyed every minute. There were a few games I wanted to try out but the lines were always 4+ long and were capped early. Evil within was one I wanted to try but never got them chance. They did make me a cover insert with my photo so if I get the game, I can change out their cover and add mine. I may just buy an empty PS4 case and slide it in and display. MAGIC the gathering also took a photo of me and gave it to me so I can have my own personalized card box.

So many free things at PAX!

I got to met Mariko from gamerwife!! We were both in the line room for the CAH panel and then just kept bumping into each other through out the weekend. I had to steal her photo since the girl who I asked to take one on my phone, I guess didn’t take it and I was just didn’t check my gallery. It was great meeting you and playing some smash bros on the Wii U!!

And in all of the excitement, I didn’t really focus on taking pictures. I spent all 4 days standing in lines to play games. It was a lot of standing in line, a lot.

In the end, I had a lot of fun. I will for sure try to go next year!


  1. It looks like so much fun. I got so excited when I saw you and Mariko together. :) We have PAX Australia but I wasn't going to go. I kind of want to now. :)

  2. PAX is so much fun. Easily my favorite convention. And you're so right about so much swag. My boyfriend comes back with a new wardrobe every year. Glad you had a good time!

  3. I would love to take my hubby to PAX! He really enjoys games to the max!
    So cool you got to see another fellow blogger.
    I hope you get your cards from CAH. (Mattel still hasn't given me squat, including our jackets!).


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