Usagi's Geeky Confessions!

Aw the internet. The place that has helped us connect with other geeks who will like the same things we do. There are communities for everything and you get to freak out with other geeks and make friends.

You also find out that because you both freak out over Doctor Who you may not freak out over Arrow. One likes RPG games but the other rather shoot some zombies but that's okay!

Mariko over at Gamerwife did a post titled Geeky Confessions and I had to join in!

Truth be told, I am a terrible gamer. I take forever beating video games. I just never finish them and with the Mario Bros series, it's no exception. I have all the NES games and I play them all the time but I never, ever beaten them. I will some day.... maybe.

Just like how some folks don't understand the love for Doctor Who, I don't understand the love for Game of Thrones. People keep telling me I need to watch it, lend me the DVDs, whatever they can do to get me to sit and watch it. I have told people I will but it's not on my list. I actually just started Teen Wolf and still don't care about Game of Thrones.

Don't get me wrong, I like Harry Potter but I have only read the first three books and seen the first four films. I've been trying to finish the fourth book but I can never get passed the chapter where they all travel to the games. It's so BORING. There. I said it. It's so boring. In terms of the films, the third book was my favorite and I did not like the film version. I did watch the fourth film but all I remember is David Tennet was in it. I did buy all the books so I will finish it one day... maybe.


Maybe this is just in our household but when I told Mistah J that I have never seen Blade Runner he looked like he was going to topple over. I own the soundtrack on LP but I have yet to see the film. I have heard amazing things about it but I just keep passing it over.

So what are some of your geeky confessions? Do you not like anime? Hate Attack on Titans? You haven't read/finished the Harry Potter books? Do tell and if you make a post, link it the comments below or add it to Gamerwife link up!


  1. I don't think I've seen Blade Runner either! Nice list!

  2. I've never beaten a Mario game either! In fact, I've really only "beaten" a handful of games in my life.

  3. Hahah I put not finishing Harry Potter in my "Confessions" post, too! I've seen all the movies though :)

  4. The only Mario game I've beaten is because there were those power-up assists (like the invincibility tanooki suit)... Some of those Mario levels get really hard! Especially if you're trying to 100% -- which is far beyond my reach!

  5. Totally agree with the Game of thrones thing. The minute Jason Mamoa died I stopped watching. :)

  6. I've never seen Blade Runner either OR finished all the HP books, so I relate to his list a lot, haha!

  7. Eh skip the Quidditch games...and jump to Hogwarts. I like Goblet of Fire because it was the FIRST Potter book I read and immediately became hooked!

    I've never seen Blade Runner, or, beaten a Mario game either.
    But I liked watching my sister beat Mario! My brothers and I would watch her beat it, and we'd all cheer and stuff. :)


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