Characters I'd Love To Dress Up As For Halloween

I'm back with another Five Fandom Friday list! This weeks list is which characters do I want to dress up as for Halloween (or at a convention!)

I already knew which five characters I've been wanting to make costumes for so this list was not as tough as the other two. So which characters did I pick?


1. Regina from Once Upon a Time. Her costumes while she's the Queen of The Enchanted Forest are freaking amazing and beautiful. I can't get enough of them and I really would love to make one of them, any of them. This is my dream project.

2. Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon. I have dressed up as Usagi (High School Uniform) and I have been wanting to do her Senshi outfit from the first series. I have looked around the internet for some tutorials and I think I have found some good ones. 

3 Jubilee from The X-men. I am in the rare bunch but I absolutely love her character. 

4. Hannah from Rat Queens. She is such a tough check and I am in love. I picked up the comic on a whim and I need more. I love all of them - Betty, Dee, Hannah, and Violet but Hannah is my favorite.

5. She-ra from She-ra Princess of Power. I dressed up as her for a couple of Halloweens when I was younger. I wore the Ben Cooper costumes, the vinyl dress/outfit and the masks. Anyone remember those? I actually want to track down the toy sword they made and use it as part of my costume. I owned one but lost it.

So here we are, my list. I actually want to dress up as Jubilee and She-ra next year at ECCC along with my Louise. I love wearing those bunny ears!!

Which character/s do you want to dress up as for Halloween?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I was She-Ra a few years ago and a friend went as Frosta! It was awesome! I love Regina too! Awesome ideas! :D

  2. Evil Queen is my next big project. I am definitely making it happen. I LOVE her.
    I would love to see you as Hannah! Holy cow Rat Queens <3

  3. I definitely need to be a Sailor Scout one year! My pick would be Venus - she's always been my fave!

  4. OH i was love to do She-ra! And have always wanted to be apart of a Sailor Scout group! xx

  5. Me too for everything except once upon a time (never seen the show). Rat Queens is our book club book next month so I really want to cosplay as Hannah for the meet up.

  6. I loved Jubilee too, you are not alone. Any Regina the Queen costume would be amazing

  7. DUDE! Hannah is so effing awesome!
    LOVE your picks!


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