Fantastic Comics Batgirl Party!

On Saturday I headed over to Berkeley for Fantastic Comics Batgirl party! They had the new artist, Babs Tarr in attendance! I discovered her art on tumblr when the Sailor Moon biker gang photo made the rounds on tumblr.

There was a great turn out and I was thrilled to see younglings in attendance and a few even dressed up!

I tried my hand at an outfit which you can see more of here.

I got Babs Tarr to sign my issue of Batgirl and asked for a Jubilee sketch. I have a collection of Harley Quinn & Jubilee sketches which I may share soon!

At 3 pm her Q & A started. She spoke about her time in art school, selfishly promoting herself/ her art, working at a mobile game company, and how her being on the Batgirl team came about.

A lot of great questions were asked like “is art school really needed?” and “What other comics would she like to work on!”

Afterwards, the ladies of Fantastic Comics brought out bat cupcakes and there was more signing. 

I had such a blast! Fantastic Comics did a great job putting this together. If you are ever in Berkeley, CA you need to stop by!

Also, I got to finally see this beauty in person! This stained glass piece was created by Panovanator!

If you want to see more photos, check out this post by Juliette, an employee at the store! 


  1. This looked like it was an awesome event! Wish they did stuff like this at the comic book shops near me D:

  2. That's awesome!!! And she drew Jubilee for you!? And yes, PLEASE share your Jubilee and Harley art!(PS, did she say art school was helpful more than not going...at least for her).

  3. So rad that you got to meet Babs. She seems like such a friendly and talented woman. I can't wait to see your Jubilee sketch collection. I also can not get over that incredible Hawkeye stained glass. SO RAD!!!


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