Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Countdown! Moar Nail Art!!

I did more nail art! My blood drip one was chipping and with Halloween being tomorrow, I decided to paint my nails again!

Also, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night! Go team!!

Sinful Colors released another Halloween collection is year and I was all over it like me on peanut butter cups. I love their nail polish. They have a huge color selection and are VERY reasonably priced. Only 1.99 a bottle. You can find them at your local drug stores. I get mine at Walgreens.

The colors I picked up were Starry Night - a black base color with tiny, holographic square glitter and gold pieces, Courtney Orange - an orange base polish, and  Mystery Moonshine - an orange, blue, and green confetti polish. I also picked up Sally Hansen I love Nail Art pen. It was $5.99 at Walgreens.

1. Put on your base coat to protect your nails. Seriously, use a base coat. Some of the colors like red and black are harsh on your nails. Paint middle finger orange and the rest black.

2. Paint Mystery Moonshine on your orange nail. I really love the two together and the best thing, the confetti is not bumpy or sharp to the touch. Let it dry!

3. Grab your nail art pen, shake it, realize the cap popped off and you have shaken white polish all over you,  and start drawing spider webs on the black base nails. You get given a hard time with the pen and the glitter pieces, remove the polish, start over and ask your partner for help.

4. Have Teddy Scare help you show off your completed nails!

The nail art pen was a good idea but the tip is pretty thick so it was hard to do the web. I should of gone with a fine striper one. Also, the tip on the Sally Hansen is felt and it kept getting caught on the pieces from the Starry Night polish. Unlike Mystery Moonshine, you can feel the glitter and pieces in this polish.

I do love Starry Night. It's a pretty polish but with the pen, my idea of spider webs didn't really work out. The nail art pen flowed out easily but I had to go over the line a couple of times. I will have to try it on a basic color base to see if it only happened because of the glitter & stuff. I think I still like the nail striper more then this pen. The brush is to fat, at least for my nails.

Overall, loved everything else and I am happy with my design.

Disclaimer: I bought all nail polishes. Sally Hansen & Sinful Colors had nothing to do with this post. 

Halloween is tomorrow and I'm going to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights on Saturday! What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Love the nails! I'll be taking my little trick-or-treating tomorrow. I can't wait to do a full family costume one year. :D

  2. Very cute nails! I'm off to a Halloween party tomorrow night, then I'm off to a relaxing anniversary weekend with my guy!

  3. Your nail designs are so inventive!!! I love the little web design.

  4. I've not seen/noticed those Sally Hansen pens, but will have to look for them! Are they at Target too? I know Sinful Colors are (I too bought Mystery Moonshine).


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