Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marvel Event!!

I had a Halloween theme post set up for today but the pictures weren't settling down but it worked in my favor because Marvel held an event today and I am freaking out!

Marvel announced their Phase Three films line up at the El Captain theater in Los Angeles and they were live blogging the event.

Did you see their announcements?!?!?!

They first reminded everyone about Age of Ultron and Ant-man which I'm really excited for. I'm still mad about the treatment of Janet/Wasp but we will move on from that.

And then the phase three movies came into view:


Captain America was a lie and it's really Civil War BUT DO YOU SEE THIS LIST?!!?! And do you want to know which film I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR?!!?!?

Guys!! Captain Marvel is getting a film!!! Carol is getting a film!! We have to wait until 2018 but she is getting a film. This makes me excited for many reason but the main one is that we finally get a female lead film. Fans have been vocal about getting a female lead film, mainly Black Widow and I'm one of those fans. There are so many amazing female characters in the Marvel Universe and you are going to tell me there isn't one good enough for a film? We ladies also go watch these comic films and have helped make Marvel millions!

I am excited for Captain America! Winter Solider was so amazing, the Russo brothers did a wonderful job directing and Markus and McFeely wrote a great screenplay! Captain, Widow, and Winter Solider were solid characters!

Black Widow didn't get announced with Ferige stating that her and Hulk's roles will be in The Avengers films

Guardian was a fun film (with the exception of the comment Grax made to Gamora) so I can't wait to see what crazy adventures they have next. 

I know nothing about Doctor Strange so I am very intrigued. I'm hoping that casting rumor that made its rounds yesterday is false. Fergie did say if they had someone, they would of announced it today. 

I might be in the solo group for this but I am over the Adventures of Thor and Loki the Thor films. Thor works will with the Avengers and I did enjoy both Thor and Thor Dark World for what they are but I am done. Thor and Foster have no chemistry, I'm over Loki crying for a throne, any throne and I still upset that Frigga was killed. 

Can we talk about Black Panther? This is really great news! I don't know much about him except that he is an Avengers (totally loved him in Avengers: EMH), he's from Wakanda, and at some point married Storm. If you have any series recs that star him, please throw them my way. My only knowledge is of the cartoon series which should of never been cancelled for the Avengers Assemble. Oh and Chadwick Boseman was brought on stage. He will be playing Black Panther! 

Inhumans!!! That sounds really cool. I'm in the complete dark for Inhumans but I do know it's a team and have rotating members. I wonder who will be in the film. Medusa? Crystal? Oh!! Lockjaw!!!??? Yes!!

And they mentioned two more Avengers films... I'll be excited for them another time. 

Did you follow the marvel event on twitter? Are you reading about it now? What was your favorite announcement? What are you excited for??

I'm not going to lie, I am so glad there will be a female lead film and a person of color lead film. About time!


  1. I don't think Rick has stopped squeeing yet. I'm super stoked for Captain Marvel. About damn time. And more Captain America! I really can't believe he's currently my fave, but he is!

  2. The news about Carol still has me in shock. I can't believe it's happening. She is such a great role model and I can't wait to see all the adorable Captain Marvel stuff in stores.

  3. I know Stan Lee has been saying (since Marvel Studios was announced) that he has been wanting a Black Panther film!!!
    I'm so so so stocked for all of these! I'm super excited!


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