My Must See List of Halloween Movies!

It's Friday!! You know what that means? Another Five Fandom list and it's a week to Halloween! I am excited!!! Mistah J and I have an amazing Halloween weekend planned and I can't wait!!

Are you ready for Halloween?!

Today's list is my must see "Halloween" films. None of these are Halloween theme but I enjoy a good scare! I am a big horror/try to be horror but not and Halloween fan so it's always a celebration for me but there a few movies that I have to watch on Halloween. Some are scary and some are not but to me, they are classics!

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

I am a huge Freddy Krueger fan. I love the series with the exception of the second film. The whole idea of if you die in your dream, you die in real life fascinated me. Even though in the beginning of the entire series, Freddy didn't do much talking but towards then end of the franchise he yapped so much, there were some classic lines from him. "Welcome to prime time" is my favorite. Which leads me to say, Dream Warriors is my favorite of the series followed by of course, the first film. Last year, I watched a film each day starting on the 25th leading up to Halloween.


I have a love/hate with this film series. I love the first two films, hate the rest though I will watch the fourth film just for Ron Perlman. Aliens has a great mixture of  action, dialogue, and scariness! All the characters are great and you want to root for them! And Ripley is such a kick butt character! And the fact that Newt, the little girl in the film survived the events before the Marines landed is so cool. Aliens is my favorite of ALL TIME. I can recite the lines by memory, I can tell you what is happening with just listening to it, and Hudson is my man! It's a great sci-fi horror film in my opinion. 

3. Critters

How can you go wrong with some fuzzy balls eating every single piece of meat in sight? Critters 1 & 2 are great. The third film is okay but it has a young Leonardo DiCaprio and I won't speak of the fourth film. The entire premise of the film is these aliens land on a farm and wreak havoc with the family by trying to eat them. That's it. They are small, turn into balls, roll around, shot  needles t you to knock you out, and then eat you. It's a fun movie! Scary? Naw, I mean when I was 5 I was terrified of them.

4. Hellraiser

Hellraiser is just crazy. They have made some many sequels... so many but the first two will always be my favorite. It's pretty much all about torture, power, hell, and crazy people. The first film is about a guy who opens up Pandora's box and gets involved with the Cenobites and ends up tortured and in hell. Then his crazy lover ends up killing her husband, the brother and dude ends up coming back from Hell. The daughter figures out what is going on and cuts a deal with Pinhead to give him back her uncle.  

5. Maximum Overdrive

Electronics taking over and killing people??!! Yes!! This is a really campy film but I just love the idea of Skynet becoming aware and all electrical stuff will be on the hunt to destroy us. This film was written and directed by Stephen King and it's about a comet that passes around Earth and makes inanimate objects become murderous. A group of people at a truck stop get blocked in by a bunch of trucks, cars, what not and have to survive. Again, it's so campy but amazing! Also with a soundtrack by AC/DC, you just can't go wrong.  Also, if you haven't seen it, one of the trucks has a giant Green Goblin head attached to it's grille.

Bonus: Arachnophobia because I am scared of SPIDERS! If you are afraid of them as well, I'm talking jumping on a chair, on the bed, on the table, on the person next to you, watch this film. You will crawl out of you skin.

Now if you are not a fan of horror films, not to worry. I got you with a list of TV shows!

1. The X-Files. Seriously! Especially the first couple of seasons. My favorites are Ice and Darkness Falls.
2. The Walking Dead. I know some people are over it or don't understand but I really enjoy it. They are really good with the gross out factor.
3. American Horror Story. In order of favorite series: Coven, Murder House, and Asylum.

I do have some friends that can't handle those TV shows so if you are on the list I say catch:

1. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror! I believe the FXX channel is doing a marathon!

I hope you liked my list and maybe I gave you something new to watch or made you remember an old love! Thanks for reading!!

Happy Friday!


  1. Nightmare on Elm Street was the one movie as a kid that actually scared me!

  2. I do love Aliens, that wasn't too scary! xx

  3. I've actually NEVER seen Hellraiser all the way through. I could never decide if I liked it enough to keep going haha

  4. I'm going to give Critters and Maximum Overdrive a try. Your descriptions won me over.

  5. I always have a Halloween movie marathon too, A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of my staples too!

  6. I love Critters. It was right up there with Ghoulies and Troll. Great list

  7. I remember owning A Nightmare On Elm Street on VHS a very long time ago!

  8. I wish I had FXX! Treehouse of Horror is always my favorite part of the season!

  9. Aliens is the best of the series. Ripley being all badass. Loved Newt and the marines. Game over man, game over

  10. I still cannot watch Arachnophobia. I hate spiders that much. And I never understood why they killed off Newt in Aliens 3. She was obviously meant to take over the franchise. It just makes no sense to me.

  11. This definitely reminds me of my childhood. I watched so many horror films! haha A Nightmare on Elm Street were my favorites!

    X Files is so awesome too. I did read something about a possible new film if they did crowd funding. Soooo much yes.


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