Thursday, October 16, 2014

Potato-ing the Couch! Fall TV Shows!!

Now that the bulk of fall TV has premiered, I have narrowed down which show I will be watching this season. There is only so much room on my DVR! Haha...

Sunday - Bob's Burgers, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Once Upon a Time, and The Walking Dead

Bob's Burgers was an accidentally discovery. A friend loved the show and the first year the cast was at Comic Con, I got her a poster and their autographs. When the show popped up on Netflix, I decided to give it a try and it is so funny! I love the Belcher family. Louise is my favorite character. She's such a trouble maker and an instigator.

Brooklyn Nine Nine is entertaining! It showed up on my Hulu feed and I decided to give it a shot. The entire cast of characters are funny and I love watching their adventures. I don't really watch much comedy sitcoms so for this to be on my viewing list, it really is good!

Once Upon a Time can be hit or miss with me. I enjoyed the first season but the finale had me saying "what the frak?" so I stopped watching. Thanks to tumblr and their love for Captain Swan, I picked it up again on Hulu and watched it all in about a week. I hate Henry and Mary but I do love the other characters. Well, Leroy is getting on my nerves this season but hey, whatever. I'm kinda over Frozen but I will say I love Anna. She is on point. But yea, in all reality I'm watching it for Captain Swan.

The Walking Dead, I don't know what to say except I LOVE THIS SHOW. I do love zombies but I love these characters and watching their journey through all of this hell. I have read the comic as well, after the show started, and they both are enjoyable and so different. I like that. I'm in a rare group where I don't mind if they deviate from the source material as long as the history doesn't get re written in the process.

Monday - Gotham and Sleepy Hollow

Gotham is either a you love it or hate it show. I'm loving it so far. I think it helps that I don't know much about the comic book series it's loosely based on and truthfully, I don't know much about Batman. I absolutely love Harvey and Cobblepot. The actors are doing a great job with these characters. I do like the actress playing Selina Kyle. The background scenery/Gotham is wonderfuly dark. I love it.

Sleepy Hollow was a show I jumped into late into the season and I loved it. I think it's mainly the characters of Abby and Crane. They work well together. I am also a fan of the supernatural. I love the idea of the monster a week eps but with an overall story that takes the entire season to work through if and when done right.

Tuesday - Selfie, The Flash, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 

When I saw the trailer for Selife, I wasn't to sure about it but had to give it a try. I really enjoyed it. Both Eliza and Henry are great characters. I love the idea of someone so self absorb with themselves and the funny thing is, they both are. She's so into being insta famouns and he's just a loner who lives for his job. I loved it when Henry finally signed up for facebook and it consumed his life. I know a few people like that!

I know nothing of The Flash. I watched the original series when I was younger but I don't really remember it at all. I decided to check out the series after they had Barry Allen on Arrow. The pilot did not disappoint me. I love Barry and Iris. They are so adorable together. Cisco and Caitlin I already loved for their bit parts on Arrow and I can't wait to see where this adventure goes. Being the CW, there were some corny lines but after watching Arrow, I can look past it.

Last season, Agents had a slow build up and I didn't care for it. I saved up all the eps on my DVR and finally watched it all when I heard that the ep prior to the release of Captain America would be setting up everything. Viewing it that way helped me get through it. It was boring but once the events of Captain America happened, the show really got better. Season two started with a bang and now I can't wait to watch it when it airs. They are breaking my heart with Fitz though. They seem to have found their footing and I really hope it lasts!

Wednesday - Arrow and American Horror Story Freakshow

I have a thing for archers apparently so when I heard about Arrow, I thought I would give it a try. I stopped watching it after the fifth episode but gave it another try when it popped up on Netflix. I couldn't care for Oliver Queen but I adore Felicity Smoak and John Diggle. I am no obsessed with this show. I blame tumblr and their love for Olicity. I do love Team Arrow (with Roy!) and the second season had some great moments which helped me like Oliver. I am so sad that Tommy died and I hated Laurel. I'm not sure if that was the writers plan or they didn't know what to do with her. Sara and Nyssa are amazing! I saw the first ep and even though to me it felt like they tossed in way too much, it had me yelling at my TV in a great way! And can I say that I know I'm going to love Ray Palmer!

American Horror Story was a series I started watching late in the game but oh my, it is so good!! Coven so far as been my favorite but Freakshow is going to have me biting my nails. That clown needs to come with a warning. I hate clowns. I am scared of them and this clown is freaky! 

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - NONE

I'm not sure how that happened but I got nothing for these three days. I did catch the first ep of How to get away with Murder on Hulu and enjoyed it but I'm going to catch a couple more before I decide to add it to my viewing list.

So what are you watching this season?? Have you actually taken any of your list yet?

*Thanks to Starfire for the title of this post! I miss Teen Titans!


  1. Monday = Big Bang Theory, Sleepy Hollow
    Tuesday= NCIS, Supernatural, SHIELD, Flash, Person of Interest
    Wed. = Criminal Minds, Arrow, AHS, South Park
    Thursday = Bones

    Whew. And I'm still waiting on a few shows to come back!

    1. I am so behind on BONES!! I need to catch up!! I'm on season 6 of Supernatural but it's kinda gotten boring for me. I'm considering jumping to season 7.

  2. I LOVE Sleepy Hollow! We don't get Fox so EVERY show is Netflix for me.
    The only things I don't watch are Freakshow, Walking Dead and Brooklyn 99.
    I have an antenna and no cable and I wait for netflix mostly. I couldn't get into brooklyn 99 at first, but, that was Parks and Rec, and Bob's Burgers for me at first...and now I love them. I'll give it another shot.

    I'm also am enjoying Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, which both were lack luster last season for me.

    And I agree with OUaT being spotty. BUT I give it credit for having decent season set up where in the middle it slumps, but by the end of the season--if you stick with it--it tends to be rewarding! Also #CaptainSwan4LIFE! (seriously Hook is so frigging HOT!!!)

  3. I think we have the same TV schedule, haha! I watch almost all of these and love them!


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