Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Favorites!

Another month has come and gone! How was your September? Anything fun happened? Trips? Things you got excited for? I'm ready for October actually! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am jumping for joy this month! I got Disneyland, Halloween Horror Nights, costume parties, and all the candy I can eat!

Without further ado, here are my September Favorites!!

TV Shows & Films

1. Brooklyn Nine Nine - Started streaming it on Hulu and I find myself cracking up! It's ridiculous. I love it.
2. Once Upon a Time - I watched the first season and I had my issues with the finale. I picked it up again when Netflix sent me a message saying it had all three seasons. I watched 2 & 3 in about a week. It has it's moments of weird CG, I don't like Henry or Mary at all, and please duct tape Leroy up but I adore Regina. Regina makes the show awesome! Also, can someone explain to me what happened to Mulan? She left to join Robin Hood but he's in Storybrooke but no Mulan???
3. Gotham - Okay, it's been only one ep, second one is sitting on my DVR but I love the dark, grittiness of it. Harvey and Fish Mooney are great, who would of thought and can we talk about Oswald? Ugh, I LOVE HIM! Oh and they did such a great job casting Selina Kyle. 
4. Beyond the Black Rainbow - This is a sci-fi film that was released in 2010. It's weird, slow, and the use of color in this film is great. It's purposely slow because of the main character and it works. The music is amazing. You feel like you are watching a film from the 70s-80s. Here's the trailer if you want to check it out. 
5. Chopping Mall - Bad 80's horror film about killer robots at a shopping mall. That's all you need to know. Great soundtrack and amazingly terrible effects. I highly recommend this film!

Music on repeat:

1. Anonymous - SSQ
2. Try - P!nk
3. Indestructible - Robyn
4. Sun of a gun - Oh Land
5. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake


Arrow 2.5 #2
Turns out DC releases comics for the series in between seasons. I had many questions during season two mainly where did Felicity get all the cash to rebuild the foundry. This series fills in between 2 and 3!

Hawkeye #20
The countdown to the end of the series... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Bee and Puppycat #4

Rat Queens #9
I have never been excited for a series in a long time. There was Hawkeye and Criminals but Rat Queens just pounce them both. 


1. DEADPOOL HAS A RELEASE DATE!! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!! I have been waiting forever for this film to be announced! I have always loved the idea of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (watch his character King in Blade.) but the Wolverine Origins was just terrible. The test footage that got leaked in July was amazingly fun and I can't wait for a full film. Here's hoping he does get to portray the character and I really want an R rating.

2. Bee and Puppycat HAS A RELEASE DATE!! I am excited about this too! I discovered Bee and Puppycat a while ago and was obsessed with it even though at the time it was only one ep. Now it's going to be a series on youtube and has an on going comic! I pledge during their kickstarter so I'm silently waiting for all my goodies to arrive. I think I may dress up as Bee on Nov. 6th!

3. Espionage Cosmetics is back with another nail art wrap kickstarter, Nailed it! But wait... there's moar! I love their nail warps which I posted about here and here. They have 5 days left for the campaign and if they hit there next stretch goal there will be a monthly nail art/manicure box! I love the geek surprise boxes like Lootcrate but telling me there could be geek nail art one? TAKE.ALL.MY.MONEY!

4. Supergirl TV series was announced by the same people who work on/created Arrow and the Flash & Chuck. I don't care what anyone says, the Supergirl film from the 80s which stared Helen Slater was the best thing ever!  I own the director's cut on DVD and I am hoping to see it on Blu Ray some day. I hope the TV series works out because it will be fun to see a heroine on the small screen and last longer then a season. Birds of Prey had half a season and Wonder Woman never happened though I'm hearing it was for the best.


  1. Chopping Mall! Oh my goodness, I might need to rewatch this soon.


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