Unearthed from my Closet: Fighting Crime like Batgirl!

On Saturday the 18th, Fantastic Comics in Berkeley, Ca hosted a Batgirl party with the new Batgirl artist Babs Tarr!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: H&M // Dress: Target // Bat Belt: L's batgirl costume // Tote Bag: Kate or Die // Bat Shoes: Forever 21

I'm still getting the hang of taking outfit photos but anyways, I don't have a batgirl costume but I wanted to dress up and then I remembered I had the perfect dress! It reminded me so much of L's store bought Batgirl costume so I used her belt and went with it. 

*The cardigan is from H&M which I bought years ago.
*The dress is fake leather and it was from Target. It was given to me so I'm not sure if it's still at stores. 
*The Bat symbol belt was taken from the costume. 
*The girls don't read comics tote I bought at ECCC.
*The Bat shoes were from Forever 21 when they had the Bat & Cat collection. 

I had a fun time!! Have you guys read Batgirl #35 yet? What are your thoughts on it??


  1. I LOVE THOSE BAT SHOES!! So awesome!

  2. How awesome!!!!! I love that your outfit is just so perfect.

    Batgirl has been on my list to read!

  3. That outfit is great. Love the addition of the bat belt!

  4. That outfit is super cute! And i have Batgirl on my pull list!!!

  5. You are so adorable!!!!!!! I love this whole outfit. So perfect from your rad Kate Leth bag to your belt and shoes. So rad! Oh and I am really jealous you met Babs... like really jealous.


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