Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bee and Puppycat return!!

Bee and Puppycat has returned with new episodes!

I'm a fan of Bravest Warrorios, another series on Cartoon Hangover which is on youtube. I was going through their feed when I discovered Bee and Puppycat. I fell instantly. Bee reminds me so much of myself and I believe there is a bit of Bee in all of us and Puppycat... is it a cat? is it a dog? Is the greatest character of all time.

Last year, I backed their kickstarter so more episodes could be made. A year later and it's finally here!!

Bee and Puppycat are amazing as ever. I absolutely love Decker and we get a new character named Cass! 

Did you watch it yet? What did you think? I need to figure out how to make her baseball cap. So cute!!! Her entire outfit in the Farmer is adorable. 

Did you also back the kickstarter project? Are you excited for the rewards? Ahhhh, I can't wait until the next one pops up!. 


  1. I finally watched them and I am so excited! I love the new characters & outfits! Squee! I'm such a girl. I also backed it on Kickstarter, but I don't even remember what reward tier I am in. I just wanted more cartoons!

    1. I did the one where I get the KS Bee and Puppycat comic and the eps on Blu ray but I have no idea when I will see those items. I watched it at worked and squeed so much!

  2. LOVED the new episodes. Bee mumbles so much under her breath and I love when they buy the gum. Her new outfits, the houses, it' so pretty.... omg I love it so much.

  3. So glad there is more! I love Bee and Puppycat! It had me at: "You took to long, now your candys gone..." I was rolling!
    I remember watching it the last day of SDCC 2013 after all was said and done, because We Love Fine had BaPC shirts!!


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