Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Big Hero 6! - Spoilers may appear!

(Credit: Disney)

Have your heard about this little Disney film titled Big Hero 6? No? It's a film about a really, really smart boy named Hiro who with the help of Baymax, a robot created by his brother Tadashi and Tadashi's friends/classmates - Gogo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred defeat a villain.

It was a great film. I truly enjoyed it. I have heard of the comic/manga that it is based on but knew nothing of the series and if the film would be taking things from it. It turns out they took the idea and characters only. You can watch it without knowing a thing.

The film take places in San Fransokyo and you can see both San Francisco and Tokyo is the film. They mashed my two favorite cities together so well that I want it be real so I can live there.

Hiro, the protagonist of the film is a genius who has no idea what he really wants to do. I mean, he does but doesn't know how to channel it. His brother takes him to his school, the San Fransokyo's institute of technology where Hiro gets to see inside the STEM program and checks out what the students create.

I love, love the intro to the characters that will eventually become a part of the team.

Honey Lemon is the chemist and she was so bright & cheery! Her outfits were to die for and I totally want her purse. I want to be able to create my own little chemical balls. I love that they made her character really girlie but also have such a love for chemistry.

Gogo is the engineer. She's a tough gal with an attitude but in a good way! She's trying to create energy wheels for bikes or at least one for herself. She's the opposite of Honey Lemon.

(I just want to say that seeing Honey Lemon & Gogo have this love for their majors makes me want to change mine!)

Wasbi likes laser and is a complete neat freak and he's the voice of reason for the group. He asks questions.

Baymax was created to help people. He's a health robot but he becomes so much more.

Fred is a big geek who hangs around the class room just because.

(Credit: Disney)

The animation was amazing, the story was written well in my opinion, and I love how they formed & brought these characters together. I also love that they had more then one female in the group. There was two of them. TWO!

I heard that people thought the movie was a tad to long but I didn't feel it all. I laughed, I awed, I even cried.

I'm not sure where it felt long or un-needed but I didn't think it was. It clocks in at about an hour and 48. Transformers clocked in at 3 hours AND that needed about 2 hours cut out of it. 

That's a rant for another time...

Big Hero 6 was a great film and I highly recommend you check it out. The short that plays before it is really cute and that deserves a shout out. 

If you want to laugh and cry (I do mean cry) watch Big Hero 6. Baymax is hugable and the humans are great too. 

Have you seen it already? What did you think of it? Was it too long? Who's your favorite character? Wasn't Baymax adorable?

But more importantly, did you cry?

(I'm trying my hand at writing more film reviews without spoiling it. How did I do? Please let me know! I'm trying new things for my blog!)


  1. I haven't seen it yet, so after you introduced the character I just scrolled to the pic of Baymax petting the "hairy baby"...and the tweet about crying!
    I do want to see it though


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