Birthday wishlist!

Birthday wishlist!

Birthday wishlist! by usagimylene 

The Sprite Bag - Think Geek // Harley Quinn Leggings - Hot Topic // Game Controller Charm - Think Geek //  DC x Converse Wonder Woman sneakers // We're all Stories in the end sweater - Jordandene

One week from today and it will be my birthday. I am so ready for it. I know most people get all weirded out about this age but I am perfectly okay with it.

How old am I going to be? 

35 years old.

Did I shock you? I apparently shock people when I tell them I am in my 30s. I don't know why. Is it that shocking? 

Okay, back to my original point of this post I present to you my birthday wish list. A couple of these items are actually out of stock which means if someone does want to get me the Harley Quinn leggings or the Wonder Woman shoes they will have to get creative. ( I am also willing to accept cash for them because I do love the hunt!) 

The Sprite Bag is the cutest thing! The pattern is filled with 8-bit goodness (Swords, Hearts, Robots) and it looks like a nice size. I mostly go for black but I think the white is calling my name.

The game controller charm is from Think Geek's build your own European style charm bracelet. I want the leather bracelet & all the geek charms they have but I want to start with the controller. 

I am loving jumpers and with San Francisco finally getting cold (it's actually raining as I type) I am trying to get a hold as many as I can. Jordan Ellis posted about her company, Jordandene on Female Geek Bloggers and I fell in love with her "We're all stories in the end" sweater. It's a quote from Doctor Who which I just adore. That whole entire monologue.. gah! She also has geeky aprons!! The R2D2 is my favorite of the batch!

I have no actually birthday plans. I still have classes and my birthday is during my LS Creative Arts class. The Flash / Arrow crossover eps start that day so I will celebrate with watching it & eating pizza or something. 

Here's to another year and getting closer to that Captain Marvel film! Haha! 


  1. I hope you get everything on your list!!! And I love those Think Geek charm bracelets!!! That Sprite Bag is going on my Christmas wish list too!

  2. I love that bag it's so cute and I'm also still hunting for those WW Converse! I hope you have a great birthday pizza and TV sounds like a great evening to me xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  3. I hope you get all that amazing stuff!! And the Arrow/Flash crossover ep starting on your birthday? Super rad! :D


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