Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

It's Black Friday! Did you wake up early and get some good deals or did you sleep in like me? I just can't do Black Friday. I do run across some ads with some good deals but they are very limited in stock (just one) or it's not good enough to wake up at 2 am.

But if for some reason these five items were at a really good, really great, oh my god you will scream prices then I would get of bed at 2 am.

1. A roundtrip international ticket for under $700

Okay, so this would probably just require  me to roll out of bed and get in front of a computer but seriously, if I could get a ticket for under $700 to get to Japan next year I won't even nap, I'm planning a trip to Tokyo and I haven't seen anything under $1,000 so if I could get a ticket for less then that means more spending money.

2. SDCC tickets

If they were putting up a stack of SDCC tickets, I would stay awake for the entire night until they released them. I haven't gone in about 3 years and I do miss the madness of it. I did go this year for the free/outside events and I did have a blast. 

3.  A Wii U

Truthfully, it would have to be between $125 for me to roll out of bed. As of right now we only want it for Super Smash Bros Wii U but  can''t justify paying 250+ for the system. If it was at sale at $100, I'd be in line right now.

4. A Samsung Galaxy Gear watch

I'm deaf in my left ear so even with my phone on high and vibrate, I still miss calls. I would really love one these because it would be on my wrist, make noise, and vibrate. I could also do a lot of things on the watch like respond to text, e-mail, see my twitter feed etc. I just can't deal with the $300+ tag.

5. A sewing machine

I owned a cute, simple Hello Kitty machine and it was great for about two years and then it stopped working. I have been poking around for a new one and all the ones I seem to love are between $150-200 range. If one of the ones I wanted dropped to under $100, I'd be on it like peanut butter cups.

How was your list? Did you add things that you do have plans to grab? Did you get the items off your list? Was it a wish list instead?

Have an amazing Friday!!

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  1. This is a great list! I am in the exact same boat with a WiiU. I would love it but only for a couple games, and that seems like just too much to spend for such little use!

  2. I'd keep an eye on Amazon for the sewing machine! Sometimes they have some great deals on them!

  3. Ditto on the airfare! But for me to the UK! xx

  4. I hope you get SDCC tix! If not, I hope you go anyway! I'd love to see you again!! :D


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