Brian K. Vaughan at Comix Experience!

The SAGA hard cover* was released last week and Comix Experience had a signing on Saturday with Brian K. Vaughan, the writer and creator. He's also created/written Y: The Last Man and my favorite Runaways for Marvel.

If you pre ordered/purchased the book from Comix Experience, you were guaranteed a spot to get his signature on up to three items. The store had a number system and a time for you to show up. They were behind by about 30 mins but it has the smoothest autograph session I have ever been too.

I got him to sign my HC of course, and SAGA # 18 and Runaways Vol. 1 #4. Both of them are my favorite covers and my favorite characters.

Mr. Vaughan is such a nice guy, chatted with everyone for a minute, and even took photos. He thanked me for reading Runaways and I thanked him for writing it. I do miss that series.

And that was it. It was short but fun!

The hardcover is so beautiful! It has the first eighteen issues with bonuses! They show a glimpse at the process of getting an issue together, Sketches from Fiona Staples, and a little bit about them. It is expensive but I believe worth it.

This was a great way to spend my Saturday! I just need to get Fiona Staples signature on my single issue and Adrian Alphona on my Runaways so I can frame them. (Jo Chen too since she did the covers.)

Have you been to any signings lately? What's your most prized signed item? Mine is a tie between John Barrowman who signed a Torchwood flyer and the creators of The X-Files who signed my comic.

On a side note: I have the first three soft covers of SAGA which I will be selling so if you've been thinking about reading the series, this would a perfect chance to get them! $25 shipped. Just shoot me an e-mail if you are interested! All three books are up to #18 in the series.

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  1. I'll havevto check these series out! There's just so many great writers/artists out there.. And I always love seeing the processes of what goes into creating things, so your hardcover book sounds cool. Sadly, I've never been to any signings :(
    But hopefully one of these days!

  2. So, so, so awesome you got to meet him!! Saga has become an addiction.

  3. Ugh. I wrote a big long response and the internet swallowed it. Here goes again:

    First, super jealous you met BKV. That Saga hardcover is very tempting. Hello xmas list.

    Second, my favourite signing was Clive Barker. He stayed for hours (and hours and hours) signing every last piece everyone brought in (there was no limit, bad planning), and there were folks there with literal STACKS of books for him to sign. But he was super nice to everyone and stayed until the whole line (which went around the block and then some) was done. I remember I got him to sign a sketch he'd done in a Details magazine with Quentin Tarantino on the cover and he intoned "oh, that maaaan..." with the most coy expression I'd ever seen. I cherish the moment to this day.

  4. Amazing!!!! I would love to meet him, and have him sign my Sagas. That hardcover looks so lovely. Looks like a great event!

  5. Soooooooo amazing! I'm about to buy the hardcover because I need to catchup. It looks beautiful!

  6. Okay. So, we officially have a lot of life crossover -- same online communities + same city + I was ALSO at this signing. It was amazing. I love Saga and was super nervous to meet BKV, but he was overwhelmingly nice.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  7. I can not believe you got to meet him. You are so lucky. I love his work especially runaways and Saga. Omg! So lucky.


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